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The uncontested popularity of the Internet makes advertising your law firm easier than ever, but the amount of competition for views, clicks, likes, and follows is steeper than ever before. It can be difficult to make your firm stand out when so many attorneys are investing tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on their online marketing. One way to gain attention and strengthen your social media presence is to create videos for your website or YouTube channel. Videos can help you explain your experience, connect with potential clients, and generate website traffic you would not typically receive. Keep reading to learn some of the benefits of video marketing, how to get started, and potential challenges you may face in the process.

How Video Marketing Can Benefit your Firm

According to a report by Global Web Index, the average Internet user now spends over 2 hours per day using social media and messaging services. That fact can be used to your advantage when choosing how to market your firm since you know potential clients are already browsing online. If used correctly, videos can offer the following advantages:

  • Increased traffic to your site: While many attorneys focus their efforts on improving Google search results, potential clients will also take to YouTube, Google Videos, Vimeo, and other video-specific sites to find answers to their legal questions. Your video could lead them to your site and begin an attorney-client relationship.
  • You can explain complicated topics more simply: Many attorneys are accused of speaking “legalese” or sounding too technical when they discuss the law. Videos used in marketing are typically short to match the shortened attention span of the online audience, so they force attorneys to explain concepts in the easiest way possible. This simplicity lets potential clients know you are knowledgeable but easy to communicate with as well.
  • Videos should be linked to your social media accounts: It is possible to connect videos from YouTube to your various social media accounts, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. That means it is possible to connect across multiple mediums with one post, increasing the chances that an Internet browser will find their way to your firm.

Listed above are just a few of the advantages video marketing can offer. Using video as a medium can also demonstrate how personable your attorneys are or how tech-savvy your firm is. These are important selling points that will attract business in the digital age.

Getting Started with Legal Marketing

It may seem overwhelming to begin a new form of marketing, so it can help to think of videos as an extension of your communication with clients. For example, clients might regularly ask you about the value of their case, so you probably have experience answering that question in a concise and understanding way. That would make a great video because you are already accustomed to speaking on the topic. Here are a few more tips to get your video marketing project started:

  • Keep your videos short: Whether it is a frequently asked question, an attorney introduction, or an explanation of a practice area, it is best to keep your videos short. If your video lasts longer than a few minutes, viewers will likely lose interest and be turned off by your site. Aim for an average of 2 minutes per video depending on the topic.
  • Share everywhere: Since your videos will be linked to your website and social media accounts, promoting them will up traffic to your pages. Remember, when you share a video with someone, they can also share it with people. This chain reaction generates views and keeps people interested in what your firm is doing.
  • Publish regularly: Having videos will be useless if you make only a few or if the information on your site quickly becomes outdated and obsolete. Posting videos regularly will keep information current and increase your following online.

If social media usage does not come naturally to you, there are firms dedicated to helping businesses boost their online presence. Consider hiring a marketing firm if you are committed to investing in your practice’s brand.

Common Video Marketing Mistakes

For all the good a well-produced and thoughtful video can do for your firm, a poorly-constructed video can make your practice look careless or incompetent. Listed below are some common marketing mistakes and how your firm can avoid them:

  • You fail to measure results: Measuring the results of your videos will help your future marketing strategy immensely. Keep track of the number of views, which videos people watched, and whether you received more contacts because of their views. This is useful information that will help you target your market and consistently improve your content.
  • Poor production quality: While you do not need professional equipment to make a great online video, your content should reflect some level of care. Make sure your sound and visual quality are high and that there is not too much background noise or distracting scenery. Shoddy quality makes your firm look amateurish or unprofessional and may make someone less likely to contact you.
  • Not offering adequate information: When you make a video, be sure to discuss a particular topic, such as the answer to a question or the details of a certain practice area. If someone clicks on a car accident video but hears you talking about the flawed workers’ compensation system, they will rightfully feel dissatisfied.

These mistakes are common enough that you may want to consider using a digital marketing firm to help you create your videos. Companies with marketing experience can help you avoid potential pitfalls and make your content high quality. Whether your firm chooses to begin video marketing on your own or decides to hire a professional, we hope your new content boosts your website traffic and online following. Happy viewing!


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