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Live Chat: A Great Complement to Phone Calls

The goal of live chat is not to replace phone calls.

One of the concerns that prospective clients often voice is “will live chat take away phone calls from my business?” While it is understandable why they may initially think that, in our experience live chat helps increase calls to your business, often by a significant amount!

The reason behind this is that live chat can help engage visitors that would have otherwise left your site without interacting with you at all. A visitor who clicks on your site, looks around, and decides to leave without picking up the phone is a completely missed lead. Ngage’s industry-leading chat service and highly-trained operators are there to help guide the visitor to open up about their situation, get them invested in the conversation, and then position the attorney as the next step for who they need to speak with on the phone. What may have become a missed opportunity can quickly turn into a phone call with you or a member of your staff.

Naturally, some of these visitors who engage in a chat may have called the firm anyways.  Historically, that has been about 20% of chat visitors. The other 80% are contacts that would have never reached out to the firm.  That is why live chat is so valuable to so many of businesses. Live chat provides them a great opportunity to capture leads that may not have stayed long enough to contact the firm and share their issue.

Not all prospects are ready to contact you by phone upon first visiting your site. Each person exhibits a different “buying habit” and typically only those individuals who fall in the “impulsive” buying behavior will call right away. For some people, the decision to reach out to the firm may take more time and more research. We have seen strong indicators that many people do not want to share sensitive information (especially when it comes to legal issues) until they are comfortable and invested in the conversation. That’s why our highly-trained operators will ask open-ended questions that prompt the visitor to share the specific details about their legal issue. Ultimately, after discussing what they are going through, the visitor will often feel comfortable sharing their contact information (name, phone number, e-mail address) with the operator, and will often ask to speak with an attorney immediately!

With a full suite of contact options available to your potential clients – chat, contact forms, and phone calls, you can rest assured that you are capturing as many potential leads as possible, many of which may turn into clients.


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