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Online Legal Directories: A Key Law Firm Marketing Strategy

More than 78 percent of consumers looking for an attorney start their search online. Even with a friend’s referral in hand, consumers turn to the internet to verify the credentials and reputation of the attorney’s name they received. With 1.3 million attorneys nationwide, how do you ensure consumers find you?

Download the free guide: The Power of Online Legal Directories

Online legal directories capture consumers searching for legal counsel by making it easier for them to get results. You probably recognize one or more of them:,, and, among others. Think of these websites as vertical search engines serving up information solely on attorneys. Google gives authority and trust to these legal directories and places them at the top of the search results.

These sites draw in consumers with a steady stream of rich content designed to help them understand their legal issue and then take the next step to find an attorney.  With millions of searches every year, these websites give attorneys marketing potential that can be difficult to match.

Inclusion within a respected legal directory puts your firm in front of consumers, law students and others who may be unfamiliar with your name or URL.  Consumers seeking legal counsel frequently start their search with an area of practice and geography – for example “bankruptcy lawyer in New York” rather with the name of a specific lawyer or law firm. Legal directories optimize their sites for exactly these kinds of searches, making attorneys listed on their pages the direct beneficiaries.

Listing your firm in a highly trafficked legal directory exponentially increases your online visibility. Even if you have a robust website, you can benefit from increased traffic to it as legal directories drive click-thrus to your firm’s URL. To maximize exposure, savvy law firm web masters ensure that their website appears in multiple legal directories.

Online legal directories are powerful, low-cost tools that savvy firms include in their effective marketing strategies. Download the free guide: The Power of Online Legal Directories to learn additional ways that participating in online legal directories can help grow your practice.


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