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Powerful Website Platform Adapts to Meet Law Firms’ Marketing Needs

When challenged by the legal industry’s demand for adaptable, attractive websites at a competitive price, our designers and developers at Martindale-Hubbell surpassed expectations in creating a platform whose versatility is its strength — allowing flexibility based on client feedback and the changing market, which benefits thousands of attorneys. During a recent discussion, team leaders explained the innovative process that led to this website solution and the latest improvements to be added.

Martindale-Hubbell creative director Felice D’Addario spoke about how the solution was conceived as a cost-effective legal marketing tool. “These attorney websites can be built under tighter time constraints while retaining the quality and flexibility of a custom design,” says D’Addario. Another key driver was Google’s April 2015 “Mobilegeddon” transformation that penalized nonresponsive websites in search results. Working against this deadline, team members formulated a series of vibrant, responsive themes that could be customized to match a client’s expectations. This solution has enabled firms to upgrade and personalize their marketing presence at a fraction of the time and cost previously required.

“Though most websites now are mobile-friendly, the flexible platform we’ve created adapts to each new Google standard,” says Frank Grippo, vice president of Web Visibility. “Using the latest technology and input relayed by our sales team members, we have been able to expand these websites’ capability well beyond original expectations. For example, in response to Google’s increased focus on page-load speed, we have made our sites much quicker, providing a better user experience in addition to enhancing search engine placement.”

More improvements are in store, such as:

  • Adding modular design, enabling clients to move elements around on each page and exponentially increasing the number of design options.
  • Introducing video capability on the homepage so that firms can add background footage while reinforcing key information in the site’s written content.
  • Taking individual function and design elements that firms wish to carry over from their previous sites and incorporating them into the platform.

Rohit Chopra, manager of software development and engineering, says, “Our design and development groups work hand in hand, so we can take quick advantage of improved technology. This cooperation allows us to test and implement new features requested by clients almost instantly. Through this process, we have added options like easy links for clients to enter online reviews and distinctive widgets that promote attorneys’ honors and credentials.”

Though originally designed as a solution for small firms, the sites’ success prompted an expansion to serve much larger organizations. Accordingly, we have increased their capability to include numerous attorneys and practice areas. Without even knowing it, all of our clients benefit from these innovations because each time we expand the function of one site, these improvements are available on every site we build and maintain.

We have also overcome the problem of stale site design because we can overhaul the site’s presentation without the months of work formerly needed for a redesign. By making the website build process easier and more affordable, we have substantially improved our clients’ ability to promote their credentials and adapt to evolving needs and trends.

To learn more about how Martindale-Hubbell websites are built to meet the needs of law firms, contact one of our legal marketing specialists.


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