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Setting a Social Media Strategy

According to a study conducted by the Pew Research Center in 2016, approximately 69% of Americans use some form of social media. The widespread use of social media today makes it an ideal platform to expand your law practice and recruit new clients.

However, the growth of social media users has also meant growth in the number of social media platforms. With so many different options available, diving into social media may seem daunting. Additionally, maintaining a presence on social media with a busy legal schedule may seem next to impossible. With a solid social media strategy, you can maneuver this intricate online world and take advantage of a crucial networking opportunity.

Your Social Media Goals

The first step in establishing an effective social media strategy is to understand the goals of your social media presence. This will help you determine the appropriate websites to focus your efforts on, as well as the best content to post for your audience. When determining your goals, it may be helpful to consider who your audience is, whether they are consumers or business clients, your areas of practice, and the applicable format for your desired content. Below are a few examples of social media sites and their focus:

     ●       Facebook – focuses on connecting with other people and sharing content in an informal setting

       Twitter – micro-blogging site that uses 140-character “tweets” to share information

       LinkedIn – focuses on creating professional connections and sharing professional achievements

       Pinterest – allows users to organize images, videos, and other visual media into idea boards

       Google Plus – uses a format similar to Facebook but allows users more targeted connections through “circles” of people you wish to post to

These are just a few of the many popular social media websites available. In order to find the right platform for your law firm, take the time to research the options and choose the website that best fits your needs.

Planning Your Social Media Content

Once you have determined your social media goals and the platforms you wish to use, the next step in your social media strategy involves planning your content. Many types of content may be useful to post on your social media account. It can be difficult to think of a wide variety of content, particularly if you are new to social media, but below are a few good sources to help you begin finding content.

      ●       Set up Google Alerts to search for relevant keywords and alert you about new articles

       Use RSS feeds to gather news headlines

       Subscribe to personal information portals

       Like, share, and retweet relevant content from social connections

Of course, if you write legal blog posts, you may also publicize these posts on your social media accounts to create content and further publicize your work.

Maintaining Your Social Media Presence

Although having interesting and relevant content is important, the most important element of your social media strategy is creating a schedule on which to post new content regularly. This routine keeps your social media active and allows you to maintain your online presence. Another important aspect of maintaining this presence is making sure that you engage with your followers. 

Through following and utilizing an effective social media strategy, you will be prepared to develop your social media network and grow your law firm.




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