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Martindale Leads Manager App

Never Miss Another Lead

Receive and respond to leads in real-time on your mobile device

The Martindale Leads Manager app delivers real-time leads direct to your mobile device from all of your Martindale services: Professional Profiles, Martindale website, Martindale-Nolo and Ngage Live Chat. With just a tap, see new leads, those not yet contacted and monitor leads in progress. Instantly respond to leads via SMS, email or phone or assign the leads to others at your firm. Download the complimentary app from the Apple or Android app store.

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Manage leads across desktop and mobile devices

A fully integrated view

Whether you’re in the office, in court or on the go, Martindale Leads Manager gives you complete control over your firm’s leads. The web-based version provides the same robust functionality as the mobile application, including the ability to respond to leads instantly, assign them to other attorneys, and quickly view lead status and history.

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Review and contact your law firm leads instantlyDownload the Martindale Leads Manager for your mobile device in the App Store or on Google Play

All your leads in the palm of your hand


Leads in real-time

Receive real-time push notifications for new leads.


Respond instantly - any time, anywhere

Reply to prospects using SMS, email or phone; your real phone number will be hidden from recipients.


Communicate with customized templates

Create email and SMS templates to expedite and streamline your responses.


Send auto-responses in your absence

Enable auto-responses when members of your firm are unavailable, thanking prospects for their inquiry and telling them when to expect your reply.


Keep track of every detail

The Notes feature, shared across the firm, enables tracking of the particulars of each prospect’s matter. Any notes you take will be available when you log-in to your desktop computer.


Coordinate communications with each prospect

A full communications history viewable by each person at your firm ensures that everyone knows what has been communicated and when to each prospect.

Improve The Firm’s Conversion Rate

Establish a stronger connection with leads

The likelihood of connecting with a lead decreases 10 times after the first hour, so the sooner you respond to an inquiry the greater your chances of turning the lead into a client. The type of device you use makes a difference too: 98% of text messages are read by recipients – 90% of them within three seconds — vs. only 22% of emails. When you respond to prospects using the type of device they prefer, you establish an instant connection. Martindale Leads Manager gives you that power.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What leads will appear on the Martindale Leads Manager App?

    You will receive leads from Martindale-Hubbell ( and and your Martindale Website), Martindale-Nolo and Ngage Live Chat.

  • I’m in court/meeting with a client and cannot get to a lead that just came in. What do I do?

    With the app, you have a number of options. By enabling the auto-response feature, a message will automatically be sent from you acknowledging the leads inquiry and telling the consumer you will respond shortly. Or, if you are able, you can assign the lead to someone else at your firm so they can respond. The communications history ensures that you will be able to see who responded when to coordinate efforts.

  • Our firm prefers managing its leads in the Client Service Center. Why should we use the app?

    The Martindale Leads Manager App syncs in real-time with the Client Service Center so that what you see on your desktop matches what you see in the palm of your hand. No matter where you are -- in a meeting, commuting, at home -- the App ensures you can be the first to respond to a prospect’s inquiry, increasing the likelihood of conversion. From there you can manage the app using whatever device you prefer: your desktop computer or mobile device.

  • What does it cost?

    The Martindale Leads Manager App is complementary to all customers of Martindale-Hubbell and Martindale-Nolo and can be downloaded from the Apple or Android Apps stores.

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