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Pay-per-lead advertising for DUI lawyers

Our DUI & DWI lead generation service connects attorneys immediately with consumers at the moment they are most likely to need legal help — while searching online for legal information related to their DUI arrest, the criminal penalties, or the court process.

(For more general criminal defense advertising, please see our criminal defense lead generation.)

Where do the leads come from?

Our highest trafficked website in the area of DUI is Additionally,,, and other websites in the Martindale-Nolo network attract people who’ve recently been arrested or charged with a DUI and are looking into their legal options regarding drunk driving laws.

Most of our DUI & DWI traffic is generated by the following websites:

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How do they find us?

The majority of our traffic comes from organic Google searches. Our team of legal writers produces the content that your potential clients are looking for, and our SEO team makes sure it’s highly visible in Google and other search engines.

Our websites generate traffic from millions of keywords related to state-specific DUI laws, the court process, and defense options. To give you an idea of how people wind up on our network, here is a small sample of keywords people search for, and the website(s) that tends to appear best on search engines.

Keyword Website
is a dui a felony
dui charges
jail time for dui
dui defenses
[state name] dui laws
[state name] dui penalties
dui with accident
lawyer for dui,
dui first offense
is a dui a criminal offense
dui court process

To learn more about how this pay-per-lead advertising service works, see our lead generation program, or use the form below to inquire about DUI & DWI leads in your area.