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When potential clients land on your law firm’s website, you only have a few seconds to grab their attention. Our highly trained operators chat with visitors to determine the reason they visited your site and gather contact information. After determining the basic facts of the visitor’s legal issue, we position your firm as a helpful resource. The information you need is collected and a summary of the conversation is passed along to you, with the lead’s contact information and a full transcript.

This means that your firm will be able to initiate contact 24 hours a day, generating more leads for your law firm and turning visitors into potential clients — even after-hours and on weekends. With Ngage Live Chat, your firm’s door is always open to new business.

The personal touch of Ngage Live Chat will immediately set you apart from competitors. More than 5,000 law firms worldwide have seen their total website opportunities multiply after implementing Ngage. Take advantage of Ngage and increase your website conversions too.

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Increase conversions with instant replies

How it works


We politely greet each visitor to your website before they have a chance to navigate away.


Our highly trained operators interact with visitors and collect information about their situation.


We summarize the conversation and connect the web visitor with your firm.

Features that engage your website visitors and convert them into leads


24/7/365 Chat

Almost 40% of contacts occur outside of standard business hours. By having operators available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year, we ensure you don’t miss out on these potential clients.


Live transfer

Once our operators conduct a chat, we deliver the chat information to you immediately via phone if, at the end of the chat, the prospect answers yes to this question: "Would you like to get a call from the firm right now?”

Learn More About Live Transfer



Ngage Live Chat offers a Text-to-Chat feature that adds a "Text Us" option to your web properties, including your mobile website, allowing prospective clients to communicate with your firm via text messages 24/7.

Learn More About Text-to-Chat


Analytics integration

Ngage interfaces with all major analytics providers so you can see a clear picture of how your marketing efforts are paying off. We work with you to ensure our chat information directly integrates with these services and help you interpret these results to make your marketing efforts more efficient.


Facebook Messenger integration

Ngage Live Chat integrates directly with Facebook Messenger on your company’s Facebook page. This integration works for both desktop and mobile devices through a free setup. When a prospect sends you a Private Message, an Ngage chat operator is enabled. Once the chat is completed, the operator converts and delivers the Message transcript the same way that a standard chat is handled. This feature allows you to convert visitors to your Facebook page via live chat the same way you would on your main website, generating even more opportunities.


CRM integration (Intake)

If you use Captorra, Blue Orchid Marketing, Salesforce, Infusionsoft, Needles, Clio, or any other CRM or case management system, we can push your Ngage leads directly into these systems so that you don’t have to. Additionally, depending on what system you use, you may be able to automatically send emails, pamphlets, or information to people who contact you through Ngage. Talk to your Ngage rep about the various services available and let us help you find out how to make the most of this service.


Spanish chat

If your target prospects are bilingual, you can use Ngage’s Spanish-speaking operators to give your site visitors the choice of chatting in English or Spanish.


Avvo and integration

Ngage Live Chat can be integrated into your profile on and legal directories for additional lead opportunities.

Ngage Live Chat client testimonials

See what our clients have to say about us

Learn more about Ngage Live Chat from actual clients, as they share their experiences of using our service to help their law firms grow.

What other law firms are saying about live chat

  • “Our law firm has been using Ngage for the past year. It is simply an incredible service for our firm’s clients! The ability for Ngage personnel to meet the immediate need of a potential customer for instant communication has brought us a dramatic increase in business. Ngage is always fair with our billings and stays involved with our site and our needs. I wish I had know of them years ago!”

    Scott Kramer, Firm Administrator Jupiter Legal Advocates
  • “I am very satisfied with the Ngage Live Chat service. I have converted leads to clients in all but one contact. The operators are well trained based on the transcripts of the conversations and do a good job getting contact information from each caller. Ngage is very accessible to answer all my questions . I can recommend them very highly as an excellent add-on to any existing website.”

    Gary Jackson Jackson & Jackson
  • “I love your company because you are an ally and not just a vendor. Other vendors that we work with, we talk with, get our bill and we pay. It has always felt like you and your company have taken a personal interest in our company and helping us to become the best law firm possible.”

    Phil Harding, Principal Harding & Associates
  • “One of the reasons a potential client signed up with our firm was because of the great conversation he had with our live chat team, aka “Ngage.” We believe this will be a great case. Thank you!””

    John Boundas, Partner Williams Kherkher
  • “I just started using Ngage. Installing the code on my website was extremely easy. I just received two leads and I'm thrilled with the service. The chat was handled extremely well and a report was instantly emailed to me. One lead was from another state and there was a serious injury but I didn't think it was a good case. Since it was from another state, I just clicked on a link at the bottom of the emailed report that says "Click here to request a no fee". It was that easy. The other lead was a good case in my area which I received on Sunday. I called the lead and signed up the case that day. I can't remember when I was happier to pay money. ”

    Philip L. Franckel, Founding Partner Franckel & Plevy, LLP
  • “We've been working with Ngage for nearly five years, after meeting Mark Shepherd at a legal conference. You never really know what you're going to get when you start a new program, but we've been favorably impressed. Ngage made it easy to add their service to our website and they've consistently delivered on everything they've promised. Their employees engage professionally and compassionately with people who contact us, they forward the transcript to us immediately, and they update us if there is something we need to know. Their bills are always correct and they're very responsive when we contact them. Ngage has also integrated seamlessly with our other intake services so that we don't miss a lead.”

    Deborah Nelson Nelson Boyd, PLLC
  • “I have been using Ngage's chat service for over ten years. We have tried other competitors throughout the years, and really, no one matches the quality or customer service of Ngage. They are very reasonably priced, and reliable, which is very important for my law firm. Thank you guys for consistently staying at the top of your game for over a decade of service to my firm.”

    James Murphy Murphy Law Firm, LLC

Frequently asked questions

  • How does it work?

    When a prospect lands on your website that has Live Chat enabled, an operator greets them and engages them in a conversation with the goal of collecting their contact information and reason for contacting your firm. That information is then sent to you for immediate follow-up.

  • What are the Live Chat hours of service?

    We cover your website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year so you never miss a lead.

  • Do I chat with the prospect?

    No. We have chat operators available 24/7/365 to greet and chat with your site visitors.

  • What questions do you ask?

    We ask different questions depending on the chat, but in general we are trying to get the basics of the visitor's situation along with their contact information. Our main goal is conversion. We have a specific proven strategy to convert as many contacts as possible.

  • What happens after the chat is completed?

    Once the chat is completed, we immediately send the chat transcript to you via email or text. We can also connect an active chat with your firm using Live Transfer or Instant Callback via phone when certain criteria set by you is met during a chat.

  • How long does it take to set up?

    We usually have clients up and running within a few days of signing an agreement.

  • How much does it cost? Are there any setup fees or contracts to sign?

    Ngage Live Chat differs from many flat-fee chat services. Our pay-for-performance model means that you only pay if you receive a relevant opportunity/lead from our service. There is a one-time activation fee that includes working with your webmaster to install Ngage on your website. This involves installing code, matching the look/feel of the Ngage window to your website theme, getting the chat operators up to speed on your business, and setting up the following features:

    • Email & Mobile SMS Distribution
    • Analytics Integration
    • Live Call Transfer or Ngage Callback
    • 24/7 Spanish chat
    • Text-to-Chat
    • Facebook Messenger chat

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