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Legal consumers come in all stripes and colors. Certain practice areas attract prospects experiencing great urgency with an immediate need for help. Others require deep empathy and lots of handholding to put prospects at ease. Each practice area differs in where to find prospects, how best to communicate with them and what tools to use to convert them to clients.

The Martindale Legal Marketing Network has helped thousands of attorneys market and grow their practices for more than a century. We have compiled practice-area-specific ideas and resources that our clients have confirmed work. Select the area or areas of practice below that you would like to grow and see the results as you implement the marketing strategies.

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Grow your practice when prospects see the light at the end of the tunnel

Nearly 800,000 consumers face bankruptcy each year. These prospects believe they’ll lose everything and fear for their future. Learn how to attract clients to your firm by convincing them of two things: that, given the circumstances, they stand to benefit from filing for bankruptcy, and that your firm is the right choice to help them through that process. Help them see that you’ll give them back their future.

Grow my bankruptcy practice
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When the party’s over, be the attorney who gets the call

The demand for DUI legal services is high: 1.5 million people are arrested for drunk driving annually. These consumers rarely know their rights when pulled over by police and require immediate help. Become the attorney people call by answering all of the top questions they will ask before they find themselves in a situation where they need the answers.

Grow my DUI practice
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Personal injury

Guide clients on the road to recovery to grow your practice

Consumers’ need for personal injury counsel remains evergreen. Growth in this practice area — especially medical malpractice — will soar as the U.S. population ages. The challenge for attorneys seeking to grow their PI client base continues to be how to convince prospects to take action in the aftermath of their injuries. Become a trusted advisor by helping injured consumers understand how the damages they can expect to recoup will help both their physical and mental recovery.

Grow my PI practice
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