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The Martindale-Nolo Legal Marketing network has been helping attorneys market and grow their practices for more than 100 years. Bankruptcy law is one practice area in which clients especially benefit from our services. Lawyers in this area are in high demand, and consumers searching for them have a pressing need for legal services. A March 2017 report by the United States Courts found that 794,492 individuals and businesses filed for bankruptcy during the preceding year.

Bankruptcy can be a profitable practice area for small firms and solo attorneys. According to the ABA, new firms can maximize their growth by focusing on a few practice areas. If you choose to prioritize bankruptcy, there will almost always be a demand for your services, especially during tough economic times.

Martindale-Nolo’s years of legal marketing experience have shown us the most effective ways to attract and maintain bankruptcy clients. Below are some strategies our clients say have worked best for them. If you want to move forward with these and other strategies and grow your practice, Martindale-Nolo is here to help.

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Understanding your bankruptcy audience

Educate yourself and your prospects

The first step in any effective marketing plan is to understand the needs of your target audience. By its very nature, bankruptcy is a field in which potential clients are in dire need of a lawyer. Parties considering filing for bankruptcy, whether individuals or businesses, are almost universally in difficult and desperate situations. Because of this reality, attracting such clients to your firm means convincing them of two things: that, given the circumstances, they stand to benefit from filing for bankruptcy; and that your firm is the right choice to help them through that process. In order to accomplish both of those purposes, you will have to make sure you are knowledgeable about the current state of bankruptcy law. You should be prepared to answer the most common questions your prospects will ask, such as:

  • What are the financial benefits of filing for bankruptcy?
  • Are there any risks in filing for bankruptcy?
  • Are there any limitations on how and when I can file for bankruptcy?
  • How long do bankruptcy proceedings for others in my situation typically take?

Learn about bankruptcy leads

Generate bankruptcy leads

Tap into the sources bankruptcy prospects use to find lawyers

Once you’re prepared to answer your prospects’ questions, you’ll need to generate bankruptcy leads to reach out to the right people. Responses to Martindale-Nolo’s 2016 State of Online Marketing report have shown that 49% of our clients consider lead generation to be their best performing advertising medium, followed by search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). Learn more

Marketing tips & recommendations

Establish your online presence and credibility

Convince prospects you are the right lawyer for them

Over 75% of people looking for a lawyer start their search online. Bankruptcy prospects are no exception. Your potential clients will look to your website for information about you and about your firm’s qualifications. At the same time, they will likely look at other firm’s websites.

Effective marketing requires that you have a professional website and a presence on online directories. If prospects cannot find credible information about your firm, they will turn to other firms. Creating your online profile

Engage your prospects to increase conversion

Learn how to grab their attention in seconds

To convert website visitors into clients for your firm, you need to make it as easy as possible for them to contact you. Encouraging interaction requires a thoughtful assessment of the many touchpoints online: email, contact forms, live chat, your social profiles, and a corresponding strategy on how to respond.

Live chat, for example, offers a myriad of features that provide visitors to your site immediate gratification 24/7/365 while helping reduce your bounce rates and dramatically increasing your conversion rate. Features like live transfer allow you to instantly connect with the visitor before they leave a chat while text-to-chat offers the option to text directly from any mobile device. Read more

Engage your prospects to encourage client retention

Follow-up time is crucial

According to Martindale-Nolo’s survey results, the most successful attorneys reach out to potential clients within an hour, or even within 15 minutes. It is critical to strive for this level of responsiveness. All too often, lawyers spend a great deal of money generating leads only to lose prospects because they fail to make contact immediately and consistently. Online consumers always have the option of looking up other firms, and they will likely do so unless they have begun to engage actively with yours. Often the attorney who reaches out first will land the client.

You should also remember that 90% of your leads are not going to become clients immediately. In order to retain your leads and turn them into clients, you must stay in touch, follow up with them, and keep them engaged. One effective strategy for continued engagement is to leverage your knowledge of your target audience and continue giving them bankruptcy information through your blog, email, and social media accounts. Read more

Bankruptcy Attorney Testimonials

  • “I love my rep, the service and results. Every month, I receive a steady flow of 20 leads and retain clients from 20-25% of those leads. That's 4 new clients per month! I particularly like contributing articles, the user-friendly online dashboard and email notifications that enable me to manage my campaigns and respond to inquiries immediately.”

    Ryan Beach The Law Offices of Ryan Beach, P.L.L.C.
  • “I’ve tried several internet advertising services, and only Martindale-Nolo delivers quality leads of which I’ve been able to convert 10-20% to clients. Three years and thousands of leads later, Martindale-Nolo's lead generation service continues to deliver the highest ROI for my practice. There’s no doubt that attorneys will be successful with Martindale-Nolo, as long as they service the leads and follow best practices.”

    Charles Clapp, Attorney CMC Law

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