Additional Website Features

Distinguish Your Firm with Available Add-Ons

We strive to create websites that meet the needs of most law firms. In some cases, you may need additional content or other products to present your firm’s brand exactly the way you envision it. With our a la carte offerings, you can establish and unify your firm’s branding on your website and elsewhere.

Custom Content

Set your firm apart and give prospective clients an understanding of your firm’s personality with additional pages of custom content. This is especially useful when your firm has distinguished itself in multiple areas of law or when you want to provide your readers with more in-depth information.

Live Chat

Convert visitors into leads by engaging them in conversation immediately. An online chat box allows anyone visiting your site to instantly begin asking questions and get a response from a live person.

Custom Logo Suite

Tie all your marketing together through a professional logo. Our design team works with you to craft a theme-based logo that represents your firm’s distinct brand and personality. Once we have perfected your personalized website logo, you can acquire a vector version of the artwork from us for use in your other marketing materials such as letterheads and business cards.

Custom Marketing Banner

Set a professional tone that shows the user why they should choose your firm. Achieve the custom look you desire by upgrading your Website Series Bronze site with a custom marketing banner. Our graphic designers will pair a photo of your choosing with marketing language crafted by our writers to suit your firm’s image. This option allows smaller firms to begin branding their firm with minimal investment.



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