Law Firm Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Generate targeted leads with pay-per-click advertising for lawyers

Raise the visibility of your law firm and generate high-quality leads with attorney pay-per-click (PPC) advertising programs. Keep your practice growing with this additional source of leads.

Appear however you want in Google search results

PPC advertising lets lawyers quickly gain traction on Google. Target specific types of clients and search terms with ads that appear at the top of Google search results.

PPC advertising also benefits law firms by targeting geographic areas other than the location of their office. PPC links are displayed to those who are searching for an attorney in your location and practice area, helping to generate leads targeted for your specific service areas. By increasing traffic to your site, you increase the probability of converting searchers into clients. Combining SEO with paid search has resulted in conversions rising by as much as 200 percent according to some agencies.1

Tailor your legal pay-per-click advertising campaign to your budget and needs

Growing your business means acquiring new clients while getting a robust return on your marketing investment. You may already know that you can purchase ad space from Google. The real trick is figuring out how much to spend and where to spend it. Our goal it to make your PPC campaign as cost-effective as possible by leveraging analytics data collected from our vast legal network to determine what clients are searching for. We also avoid expensive bidding on poorly targeted keywords.

Monitoring PPC campaigns and making changes based on performance takes more time than most attorneys can devote to marketing. Our dedicated team of law firm marketing experts will manage your entire campaign and adjust it regularly to produce the best possible results. We use result-proven tools to target the right search phrases so that we can get attorneys more views and the potential for higher clicks from clients while adhering to your firm’s budget.



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