• Social Media Dangers
  • December 16, 2013 | Author: James E. Looper
  • Law Firm: Hall Booth Smith, P.C. - Atlanta Office
  • As a dentist running your own practice you must be concerned about not only your own online personality, but also that of your staff.  Just to give you an idea: Twitter estimates 120,000 tweets and 1475 photographs every minute and Facebook estimates 510,000 comments, 293,000 updates, and 136,000 photographs every minute.  There are 800,000 registered Facebook users, 3,000,000 registered Twitter users, and 120,000,000 registered LinkedIn users. (www.wikipedia.org/wiki/List&under;of&under;social&under;networking&under;websites) And this is just a fraction of all on-line activity.

    The rise of smart phones has made this activity ubiquitous and to the average person seemingly harmless.  To you and your practice this is millions of times a day to have a HIPAA violation or for someone to say something negative about you.

    First, you must educate yourself and your employees on HIPAA.  You (your practice,meaning you and your employees) cannot post private patient information of any kind.  In fact, there should be absolutely no disclosure of patient care emanating from you or your staff.

    Next, what do you do if a patient posts something negative about you/your practice?  The ADA publishes The ADA Practical Guide to Social Medial Planning.  It will be very helpful in addressing negative activity about you online.