• How to Choose a Product Liability Attorney in Defective Vehicle Cases
  • January 11, 2011 | Author: Rodney Mesriani
  • Law Firm: Mesriani Law Group A Professional Law Corporation - Santa Monica Office
  • Last August 2009, a fiery crash that claimed the lives of a California Highway Patrol officer and his family proved to be the trigger of a massive vehicle recall that tarnished the reputation of Toyota, the world’s largest automaker. Just before 2010 ended, it was revealed that the company has paid the families of Saylor and his wife $10 million so they could allegedly “move on from this difficult period”.

    While Toyota expressed its disappointment that the details of the settlement were divulged against its wishes as well as that of the family, it maintains that the settlement is not an admission of liability.

    Attorneys however, begged to differ. According to them, $10 million is a strong indication of admission of liability by Toyota. But according to Superior Court Judge Anthony Mohr, the settlement between Toyota and the family is not admissible as evidence in order product liability suits.

    Product liability claims especially those involving defective vehicles are difficult to litigate. Often, plaintiffs are forced to go up against giant conglomerates who will fight tooth and nail to deny and avoid legal liability.

    This is why it is important to hire an experienced product liability attorney, who has a good winning record especially if you’re filing a claim in California. There are dozens of law firms who claim to handle personal injury cases but few are actually well-equipped to actually win it.

    To find a California product liability attorney who can represent you, here are some tips to follow:

        * Look online for attorneys who have client testimonials or good reviews about their performance. Most information on the internet, whether good or bad can be easily retrieved. Check for professional looking websites and read up on the background of the lawyer.
        * Ask for a referral from family or friends who have similar cases. Through a referral, at least you would have an idea on what kind of services a certain lawyer provides as well as his track record of cases.
        * Take advantage of free consultation or free case analysis services offered by some firms to find out how well a lawyer would suit and meet your needs for the case.

    Also, high-profile product liability cases especially those involving massive recalls can often lead to a class action lawsuit. You can choose to join a class action lawsuit and have less attorney fees and litigation expenses but if your case is exceptional, this may be a disadvantage on your end.