• The Importance of Having Camera Evidence of a Slip and Fall Accident
  • September 16, 2016 | Author: Bruce Robert Millar
  • Law Firm: Millar and Mixon Law Firm, LLC - Jonesboro Office
  • We constantly get people contacting our law firm letting us know they experienced a serious slip and fall accident on the premises of a business. Many of these folks when reaching out will make it very clear there were no warning signs at all. They make this clear to show the business was neglectful of their basic responsibility to warn customers about a slick surface. If able to prove neglect the compensation can be rewarding. However this is more complicated than one might think to prove. Keep reading and you'll learn why.

    Most Important To-do: Obtain Video Evidence 

    It doesn't get better than having good video evidence. Often times you have to ask and stores will still refuse to give you the recordings. Often this is because of uneducated managers or store employees that are thinking they need to hide their mistakes. The best thing to do anytime a store is refusing to give you evidence is to contact a personal injury lawyer. Your lawyer will tell you which person you need to reach out too to get the tapes, or will even have their law firm contact the store to obtain the video evidence. 

    If the store keeps declining to give the evidence it can become tricky. Now you have a possible case of spoliation of evidence. Proving this can be difficult but it can also help on getting the evidence that is critical for the success of the claim. 

    Obtaining Video Evidence of The Floor Getting Wet

    Slip and fall accidents can become complex because the business has to be responsible for getting the surface wet. If its not the business that made the floor slick than there's a possibility the courts will recognize that the store wasn't neglectful. You'll want video evidence of an employee getting the floor wet. Luckily this typically happens shortly before the fall, so if you're able to get video evidence of the fall, you can usually get evidence of the floor becoming slick as well. 

    If say, a child or customer got the floor wet but dropping an open container than shortly after you fell it will be difficult to prove the store was neglectful of their duties. This actually happens quite often since whenever employees typically do wet a floor they post signs making it clear the floor is wet. 

    If another customer did wet the floor you can in some cases still prove the business to be neglectful if video evidence can show employees ignoring the mess. 

    Obtaining Evidence of the Slip and Fall

    The other crucial evidence is the video of the actual slip and fall. Medical bills, photos, and even having a witness helps but actually being able to watch the accident speaks louder than words. Most stores have video cameras showing most sections of their store. For some they only have the last 24 hours of footage so you'll need to work fast and know the time and area the accident took place.  

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