• Football and Car Accidents
  • September 26, 2011 | Author: Marshall Neimark
  • Law Firm: Neimark & Neimark LLP - New City Office
  • I am a diehard New York Jets fan. I am looking forward to Monday night's matchup between the Jets and Patriots. I heard players for the Jets being interviewed on the radio describing how the game is going to be extremely hard hitting and physical. The thought of the Jets and Patriots players colliding got me thinking of two cars crashing. Accordingly, my comparison of Football & Car Accidents was born.

    When two moving objects crash into each other both objects will generally decelerate very quickly.  While in a vehicle our bodies are moving at the same speed as the vehicle, however, we still remain in the same place in the automobile.  When the vehicle we are in crashes into another vehicle both automobiles will come to a sudden and abrupt stop.  What happens to our bodies in this situation?  Since our bodies were moving at the same speed as the vehicle our bodies also come to a sudden and abrupt (sometimes violent) stop.  This deceleration and sudden stop often causes injuries to our bodies.  Sometimes our body parts will bang into parts of the car. Sometimes the seatbelts will tighten about our chests and laps. Sometimes the force of the collision will crush the vehicle itself into our bodies.  Sometimes the airbags in our vehicles will explode into our faces and sides.  Other times we will simply be thrown about the inside of the vehicle resulting in a "whiplash".  Any of these situations can result in our bodies being severely injured.

    You may be asking where does football come into this?  Well, the way I see it, is that when two human beings wearing helmets, pads, and other equipment crash into each other both will come to a sudden and abrupt (sometimes violent) stop.  As a result, the insides of the football players' bodies must come to a stop as well.  Think of a football player as a car and the bones, organs, muscle, ligaments, etc. being passengers in the car.  When the body stops abruptly the insides come to an abrupt stop as well.  Despite all of the advances in safety for football equipment, players are still getting seriously injured.

    Similarly despite all of the advances in safety in our automobiles, people are still getting seriously injured.  My opinion with regard to this topic is very simplistic - just because there have been advances in safety does not mean that these advances will protect everyone.  If I get "whipped" around a car in an unlucky way I can sustain extremely serious injuries.  If a football players gets hit in the wrong way he may never walk again.

    What does all this mean?  Victims of car accidents are often looked at as money hungry individuals who are not really hurt but sue anyway.  Football players are often looked at as money hungry individuals who play a game for a living.  Both you and football players are at risk for life changing injuries everyday.  The difference is that football players have chosen to play a violent game and are getting paid to do so while accident victims have not chosen to be involved in a car crash and more often than not receive no compensation for the injuries they sustain. 

    Our society has determined that it is OK to pay someone a significant salary to crash into another person and risk serious injuries but it is not OK to compensate someone who sustains an injury as a result of being an unwilling participant in a car crash caused by another's negligence.  Is this fair?  In my opinion, those of us who have been involved in life changing accidents should not be ufairly prejudiced by the overwhelming belief that people who sue are just looking for a quick buck.  Rather, people who sue are simply looking to be made whole for the losses which were the result of two objects crashing into each other and coming to a sudden and abrupt (sometimes violent) stop.