• How a Lawyer can Help in Hit and Run Accidents
  • August 4, 2010 | Author: Jeffrey H. Rasansky
  • Law Firm: Rasansky Law Firm - Dallas Office

    Hit and run wrecks , whereby a driver flees the scene of a collision , are outlawed in every state, yet they occur at an all too common rate .  The most typical example of this type of accident involves parking lot accidents where a driver slams into a stationary car, but the results can be much more serious too .  More severe examples of hit and run wrecks have a driver fleeing from the scene of personal injury accidents , many times without calling the police station or notifying the ambulance to help the injured driver .  This type of collision is annoying , and if you have been a party a Dallas car wreck lawyer can help in assisting with the steps that are next .   

     What to do After a Hit and Run

    The name hit and run comes from the concept that the at fault driver can't be identified .  Therefore one of the most important things you can do as a victim of this type ofcollision is to gather any information that has potential to be used against the at fault driver .  This includes license plate numbers, vehicle descriptions and witness statements among others.  Never get in a automobile chase though , as you can necer know why the other automobile is running away .

    You should also never forget to call the police as soon as possible .  Their report will provide your insurance company with proof that you were, actually , a party in a hit and run collision .  In extreme instances , the authorities can also use forensic techniques to search for the hit and run atuo .

     Recovering Damages

    This kind of accident makes it very difficult to receive compensation from the driver responsible .  And in the instance that you are able to identify the at fault motorist , there is a large chance that the driver ran from the scene simply because they are uninsured . 

    A Dallas car accident lawyer can help you recover the damages you deserve , whether they be from the hit and run driver , or either driver’s insurance company.   In the best of circumstances , many motorists find that they are able to claim compensation from their own insurance agency under uninsured motorist coverage.  This does not hold true for all drivers unfortunately , and a good number of drivers find it a match to recover from the involved parties.