• Don't Get Rear-Ended! Tips for Avoiding the Most Common Accident
  • May 22, 2012 | Author: Jeffrey H. Rasansky
  • Law Firm: Rasansky Law Firm - Dallas Office
  • Avoiding Being Rear Ended

    Rear end collisions are particularly dangerous types. They oftentimes occur because one driver or another was negligent. Contact a car accident attorney if you are in one of these wrecks and if you were rear ended because the other driver was negligent.

    1: Watch Your Mirrors

    When you're getting ready to make a turn, check your mirrors quickly a couple of times and make sure no one's riding up on you too quickly. If they are, just make the turn from another location. Don't risk getting hit.

    2: Use Your Blinkers

    Your blinkers should be on for at least two seconds before you make a turn. If you have someone riding up on you, turn them on sooner so they know you're going to make a turn.

    3: Slow Down Before Turning

    Trying to turn off of the road very quickly may end up with you having to slam on the brakes, causing a wreck. Drive in a way that makes you predictable. You don't want to surprise anyone with a fast turn off of a road.

    4: Time Intersections

    Make sure you have a good idea about how long it will take a car to reach you at an intersection. If you have to wait for one car to go by to get the timing of a road down, do so. Cars sometimes appear to be travelling slower than is the case and it's easy to get rear ended by pulling out in front of someone too quickly.

    5: Check Your Brake Lights

    Check your brake lights regularly. If you don’t have anyone to check from behind the car, look at them in the reflection in another vehicle or a window. You can't expect people to avoid rear ending you if you're making it too hard for them to tell when you're slowing down.

    6: Truck Drivers Beware

    If you have a large truck or van that doesn't have a rearview from the cab, make sure you keep aware of who's behind you. It's easy for people to creep up close where you cannot see them. Drivers don't always understand that they're invisible if they cannot see the mirrors on a larger vehicle.

    Rear end accidents can be avoided in most cases. There are times; however, where the other driver is so negligent that there is no way that anyone in front of them could have avoided being hit. Contact a lawyer if you're in such a wreck.