• The Most Dangerous Drugs: What Do They Do?
  • August 2, 2012 | Author: Jeffrey H. Rasansky
  • Law Firm: Rasansky Law Firm - Dallas Office
  • The Worst and Most Dangerous Drugs: What Do They Do?

    When people end up suing over dangerous drugs, the lawsuits are sometimes pretty amazing in what comes to light about those drugs. For example, some of them are implicated in things that would seem to have nothing to do with taking any prescription drug but that end up being known side effects of these drugs. Here are some of the most frightening side effects.

    Permanent and Severe Illnesses

    If you’ve never had any experience with Crohn's Disease, be grateful. This disease causes permanent damage to your digestive tract. Fistulae—small perforations—form between your intestines and sometimes your other organs. The pain can be debilitating. This is a known side effect of Accutane and there have been lawsuits that have paid out many millions of dollars to people who have been permanently affected by diseases that resulted from this medication. Right now, there are lawsuits being filed over bisphosphonates because of some of the side effects that they're associated with.


    Some drugs are associated with violence and aggression individuals. Paxil, for instance, carries a black box warning because of its association with mental instability and other issues. Chantix, a drug that is popularly prescribed to help people overcome nicotine withdrawal, is also associated with aggression and other erratic behaviors. These types of drugs can be terrifying in their effects and, because people were not warned of all those potential dangers by the manufacturers, they sometimes end up filing a lawsuit to get compensation.

    Other Effects

    There are other effects that are associated with some dangerous drugs. Vioxx, for example, ended up being taken off of the market because of them. Some dangerous drugs persist on the market because they are still valuable for certain types of treatments, even if they are no longer used for their initial applications.

    If you're injured by a bad or dangerous drug, you usually do have an option of filing a lawsuit to seek compensation. Product liability law firms will be willing to talk to you about your situation and to see if they can help you. If they can, they may be able to help you file a successful product liability claim. The only way you'll know for sure, however, is to speak with one of their attorneys and to see if they think that they’re the right law firm for you. If they do, you might find yourself getting compensation for your injuries.