• An Example of a Drug Recall
  • August 2, 2012
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  • Understanding a Dangerous Drug Recall: One Example

    Right now, there are several drugs that are being investigated by various law firms as to whether or not there is an opportunity for injured people to get compensated. Whenever a bad or dangerous drug remains on the market, there are always a lot of questions as to how it happened. The FDA is the agency charged with protecting the public good where bad drugs are concerned but, sometimes, their effectiveness is questionable.

    One Example

    Vioxx was an NSAID—a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory—that was placed on the market in 1999. It wasn't long before some researchers were noticing that patients using this drug were having a higher incidence of cardiovascular episodes, including strokes and heart attacks, than were patients who were being treated with other NSAID products in the same family. According to an article in USA Today published in 2004, some of these researchers were warning the FDA about their findings but felt that they were being ignored.

    The drug was eventually pulled from the market because of the cardiovascular risks to patients. These findings, however, were starting to come to light as early as 2001 and, in 2002, the drug manufacturer, Merck, was required to place a warning on the label for Vioxx that noted the dangers of heart attacks and strokes.

    In addition to what some people in the article described as the FDA not being diligent enough in taking negative reports about the drug seriously, Merck continued to market the drug aggressively until it was finally pulled from the market. Today's consumers not only have to worry about not having the dangers of drugs disclosed to them accurately, they also have to worry about falling prey to slick marketing campaigns that are designed to sell prescription drugs directly to consumers. It's notable that most physicians do not at all find these types of marketing campaigns to be a good idea, since consumers are not adequately equipped to differentiate between the drugs they are being presented.

    Even though Vioxx was eventually taken off of the market, there are almost always drugs on the market that are questionable in terms of their safety. In some cases, a drug that is widely prescribed one year will end up being the subject of many different lawsuits the next year. If you believe that you have been injured by a dangerous drug, contact a defective product lawyer about filing a product liability lawsuit.