• North Fort Worth Needs More Officers
  • September 3, 2012 | Author: Jeffrey H. Rasansky
  • Law Firm: Rasansky Law Firm - Dallas Office
  • Police officers patrolling north Fort Worth may have delayed response times, according to a report in CBSDFW. The report details that the great deal of expansion in the northern part of Fort Worth and the fact that there is no patrol division in that specific area means that high priority calls sometimes take too long to respond to. To remedy this, the police chief is going to talk to the city council at the same time that he presents the latest crime statistics.

    Long Responses

    In a city as big as Dallas-Fort Worth, there are inevitably going to be places where it is difficult for police to get patrols quickly. Many miles of roadways, expanding suburbs and a growing population conspire to make it more difficult to patrol the area effectively. While a new patrol division may be added to alleviate the problems in north Fort Worth, some residents may find themselves waiting too long when they call in to report an emergency.

    Traffic Accidents

    Traffic accidents are among the most common reasons that people call police officers and, beyond that, they're among the most common reasons that people call police officers to respond to very rapidly developing emergencies. After a car accident, life or death could literally hang on a police officer arriving one or two minutes earlier or later.

    Unfortunately, for many of the people involved in the worst car accidents, the crash had nothing to do with them. In some cases, they aren't even accidents.

    If you're involved in a car crash with an individual who is clearly negligent and it takes a while for the police to show up, there is a chance that the individual may try to flee the scene. Never try to stop someone from trying to flee the scene of an accident but, before you do anything else, take a look at the license plate of the vehicle that you had the crash with so that, even if they do drive off, the police will be able to find them.

    In relevant news, police in Plano Texas have been using a tool that automatically scans license plates to see if they are associated with anyone wanted for a crime. Catching hit and run drivers may get a lot easier for police very soon.

    If the negligent individual causes you property damage or physical damage in a car accident, be sure you talk to a Texas car accident attorney about filing a lawsuit.