• 19 Child Care Operations Shut Down
  • May 8, 2013 | Author: Jeffrey H. Rasansky
  • Law Firm: Rasansky Law Firm - Dallas Office
  • According to reporting on News Channel 10, 19 child care operations located in the Texas Panhandle were shut down over the last two years. The reporting goes on to say that the reason that most of these operations were shut down either had to do with not submitting fees to state agencies or not submitting new background checks. For parents who have children in daycare facilities, this is particularly distressing news. When parents rely upon daycare facilities to provide their children with competent and safe care, they need to know for sure that those facilities do background check their employees.


    Background checks are required for a daycare center to be in operation. One of the risks of going with an unlicensed daycare facility is because they may not be conducting these checks. While it may be frightening to find out that so many daycare centers have been shut down ¿ in only one area of Texas, in fact ¿ because they were not submitting background checks on their workers, it does at least show that, in these cases, the regulatory agencies did their jobs. The daycare facilities allegedly did not comply with regulations and were, therefore, shut down and the threats that they presented eliminated.

    With unlicensed facilities, there is no such inspection upon which parents can rely to ensure the safety of their children. A former daycare worker interviewed in the article took her child out of daycare after she noticed that his behavior was odd and, because she had worked in a daycare, she did have some experience with how these facilities sometimes operate. She notes, for example, that the workers were sometimes very friendly when the parents were around, but that could suddenly change and they could be mean to children once the parents left.

    Know Your Operator

    If you’re considering checking your child into a daycare facility, make certain that you take the time to get to know the record of that facility before you commit. Check to see if they have had any violations with the state and make certain that they keep up with their background checks. For Dallas daycare abuse help, you can contact a law firm that handles these cases. After the abuse has been taken care of, they may be able to help you sue the facility for compensation for the services they owed you but never delivered.