• The Most Common Causes of Construction Site Accidents and Injuries
  • May 8, 2012 | Authors: Sean P. DuBois; Joshua Shulman
  • Law Firm: Shulman DuBois LLC - Portland Office
  • Most Common Construction Accident Injuries:
    1. Slip and falls, usually caused by an unsafe work area.
    2. Falling on stairwells with no guardrail.
    3. Stepladders, usually when not used correctly or used for improper activities.
    4. Fall from roofs, when no fall protection is provided.
    5. Falls from scaffolding, esp. without proper scaffolding according to state regulations.
    6. Injuries caused by collapsed walls and trenches that do not have proper support.
    7. Injuries from power tools that are either not maintained or not properly used.
    8. Injuries caused when improperly lifting objects, an action which workers should be trained to do properly.
    9. Injuries caused by dump trucks, fork lifts, and other large equipment, which only trained drivers should use.

    If you have been injured in any of these common types of accidents, your employer or even the tool or equipment companies may be liable for your injuries. Contact a personal injury lawyer for more information about workers compensation versus personal injury and start understanding your legal rights.