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  • May 9, 2013
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  • With the NHL playoffs just around the corner, I have to admit, I have a touch of Stanley Cup fever...

    Although the season has been severely shortened due to the lockout, I've been riveted to hockey this season.

    Maybe its because the season is so short that every game is so important...

    Maybe its because Jaromir Jagr is now a Bruin...

    Maybe I still have leftover Bruins fever from their improbable Stanley Cup run in 2011...

    I'm not exactly sure why I'm feeling this way but with baseball is in full swing and the NHL about to begin the playoffs - it's my absolute favorite time of year for watching sports.

    So I couldn’t help but acknowledge the former professional hockey player that was born in one of the many Rhode Island towns in which we have personal injury law offices - namely the one in Woonsocket, Rhode Island.

    His name is Brian Berard.

    Not only is Mr. Berard from Woonsocket, but his story is so interesting and inspiring in many ways, I just had to write about him.

    He stands out not only because he's had such an interesting career - but like so many of us going through daily life, he too has had his share of ecstatic highs and demoralizing lows - that so many of us can relate to...and we can all be inspired by his perseverance and integrity.

    Playing Career

    Berard was the first overall pick in the 1995 NHL Entry Draft by the Ottawa Senators. However, his career became more prominent when he went on to play for the New York Islanders.

    He was rewarded for his efforts in 1997 by winning the Calder Trophy as the top rookie player in the NHL. He also played for the United States in the 1998 Winter Olympics. After four years with the Islanders, he was traded to the Toronto Maple Leafs.

    In 619 career NHL games with the Islanders, Toronto, Rangers, Boston, Chicago and Columbus, Berard racked up 76 goals and 247 assists for a total of 323 points. He is tied for 128th on the NHL all time scoring list for defensemen.

    The Set Back

    On March 11, 2000 Berard was playing for the Leafs in a game against the Senators in Ottawa. The stick of the Senators’ players Marian Hossa clipped Berard in the right eye on the follow through, severely injuring it. The eye was slashed on the sclera which resulted in a retinal tear and a detached retina.

    In the hospital, Berard was told that he might lose his eye. For most people this would be a traumatizing event that would adversely affect them. But not Berard.

    He showed uncommon drive and valor when he reportedly told his friends that he would play hockey again.

    Despite being optimistic about his future in hockey, he ended up receiving a $6.5 million settlement from his insurance company; what many considered to be a career-ending settlement.

    The next season, Berard underwent seven eye operations, improving his vision to 20/600. He started working out again in April of 2001 and skating again months after. Miraculously, he was later fitted with a contact lens that allowed him to meet the leagues minimum vision requirement of 20/400.

    When it came time to play again, Berard decided to play for a team that was currently rebuilding and was closer to his home of Woonsocket, Rhode Island. Upon signing a tryout contract with the New York Rangers he returned his insurance settlement and risked a comeback to the NHL.

    Amazingly, after years of surgery and not playing hockey, Berard played well enough in his tryout that his contract turned into a $2 million contract for the 2002-2003 season, plus two one year options. He went on to play for the Boston Bruins and Chicago Blackhawks before signing with the Columbus Blue Jackets.

    This comeback was evidence of the amount of determination that he had. As a result of his perseverance, Berard was awarded the Bill Masterton Trophy for his dedication to hockey in 2004.

    An Unexpected Twist...

    In early 2006, it was revealed that Berard tested positive for an anabolic steroid known as 19-norandrosterone. At the time, he was the first NHL player to ever test positive for steroids.

    The NHL did not give him any form of suspension as they did not administer the test, but Berard was banned from international play for two years. After the incident, he made an apologetic statement in which he explained taking full responsibility and being disappointed in himself.

    But it’s what happened next that really surprised this RI Motorcycle accident attorney.

    After his second potential career-ending event, Berard still did not give up on playing hockey. He went on to play for the New York Islanders again as well as the Philadelphia Flyers. He's now since retired and lives in Lincoln, Rhode Island.

    RI Motorcycle Accident Attorney And Bryan Berard

    Despite the major setbacks, Bryan Berard maintained an incredibly positive and upbeat outlook and showed both culpability and honesty - so much that he was forgiven by the hockey community. Like all of us, Berard is far from perfect and his career certainly wasn’t either.

    But the important thing to learn from his story is that if are admit our mistakes and show fierce determination, we an all recover from adversity and from the mistakes we make. And that way, we can all get second chances.

    This notion can be applied to all of the cases that I see everyday. Whether you're the victim of a slip and fall or you were speeding on your motorcycle, accidents can happen. At the Law Offices of Kevin P. Landry, we are here to help you get past them.

    But even more importantly we are here to help you make sure the person who is responsible takes responsibility for their actions as well.

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