• Auto Accident Lawyer Providence RI's 6 Tips For Safe Winter Driving
  • May 13, 2013
  • Law Firm: The Law Office of Kevin P. Landry P.C. - Falmouth Office
  • As beautiful as this picture here may appear to be - a winter wonderland it is not...

    Although that "Winter Wonderland" song you may have crooned around the holidays might have given you some holiday cheer...let's face it, winter can be an absolute nightmare on the road.

    It's this nasty combination of cold weather, slick roads and the salt and chemicals used to keep the roads safe for traffic can not only wreak havoc on your car but they oftentimes to do very little to make the roads much safer for driving.

    Not to mention once you get out of the car, you can slip and fall on the ice - and before you know it you have a serious personal injury that requires medical attention.

    Yes, winter is fun if you're skiing or making snowmen, but its the driving on the harsh and dangerous Providence and Rhode Island roads that make winter an absolute nightmare at times.

    Auto Accident Lawyer Providence RI's 6 Safe Driving Tips
    As a Providence and Rhode Island auto accident lawyer, we see far too many accident cases where the injuries and accidents could have been avoided if the victims had just followed a few simple steps.

    And with the start of March, we hope that Spring is right around the corner...

    But before Mother Nature warms up, we still have a few weeks of nasty weather to watch out for, so here's a few tips to help keep you safe until Spring finally arrives.

    1. Check Your Tire Pressure
    Checking your tire pressure is a real pain in nice weather, let alone when it’s 10 degrees outside. However, it’s extremely important to check your tire pressure on a weekly basis. This is because its been proven that an underinflated tire will have less traction in snow and slushy roads - making you far more susceptible to a car accident.

    Additionally, for every 10 degree Fahrenheit drop in temperature, your tires lose another pound of pressure. Check your tire inflation numbers before each long trip and keep your tires inflated so that you can stay in control behind the wheel..and avoiding having to call an automobile accident lawyer Providence RI like me.

    2. Test Your Battery Life
    Most vehicle repair shops will test your battery’s life completely free of charge. Let me tell you, there’s nothing worse than being stranded in a cold parking lot at The Providence Place Mall with a dead car battery. Nothing ruins a fun day of shopping than that.

    By checking your battery on a regular basis (do it when you fill up the tank at your local full service gas station), you can replace it before it dies far away from a repair shop. Do yourself a favor and save yourself from the stress and panic of hearing that telltale click-click-click sounds when you try to start your automobile. There's nothing worse than that...especially when its 20 degrees outside.

    3. Use The Buddy System
    The buddy system works great to keep you safe on the roads. Before you leave the house, just let your friends or family know before you leave where you're going and how long you plan to be out. This will help your loved ones stay anxiety-free but it also places someone on the lookout for your well-being. And if you don't make that call to your buddy, they'll know you may be stranded.

    And always keep your cellphones with you - just don't text and drive with it. Make sure you have a car charger  in case you lose power and need to call for help.

    4. Brake Smart
    Snow, salt and oil make a nasty slick surface for your car to drive on - and the combination makes braking a real hazard. Because of the risk of hydroplaning, slow down and keep your eyes focused on the road at all times. When you need to stop, instead of braking hard, simply take your foot off the accelerator to slow down.

    Using this technique instead of slamming on the brakes will help keep you safe and prevent you from sliding our of control or hydropaning completely.

    5. Get A Survival Kit
    As an auto accident lawyer Providence RI trusts to get them safely out of a jam, I know firsthand that sometimes even all the preparation in the world can’t keep you from getting into a car accident in the first place. Having a proper emergency survival kit handy will keep you alive if you are stranded during a snow storm. In addition to the usual necessities, you should keep a foldable thermal blanket within easy reach of the driver’s seat. Other items to consider include LED emergency beacons, a bag of sand for added traction and a shovel to dig yourself out of the snow if you get stuck.

    6. Get a Car Accident App for Your Phone
    There are a bunch of free auto accident apps you can get for your iPhone or android that are just great helpers should you ever get into a car accident. Many of these new apps feature diagramming capabilities, checklists and cells for storing the proper information you need from the other party so you don't forget anything. And best of all, most of them have a free version - which makes them super helpful.

    Second only to a Providence RI auto accident lawyer, these car accident apps could be one of the most helpful resources you'll have after an auto accident. Check out our reviews of the best three car accident apps here.

    Final Words on Driving Safely on The Rhode Island Roads

    The key to safely driving during winter is to be calm, prepared and cautious. If you see someone swerve in front of you on Route 95 or on a dark back road in Woonsocket, don't overcorrect your steering - this could lead to an accident. Take your foot off the accelerator and slowly brake when needed.

    If you following the five easy winter driving tips above, you'll have  greater likelihood of staying safe on the roads no matter how harsh the winter is.

    And of course if you are in a car accident and are injured, get medical attention first. If you don't need to go to the hospital, you can use the app on your phone to collect information from the other party. Of course, gathering the right info after a car accident is important...but not nearly as important as your safety and well-being.

    And of course, if you are injured in an auto accident, after you get medical attention, don’t contact your insurance company.

    Contact someone who’s on your side - a Providence automobile accident lawyer who's on your side and can help.

    It costs you nothing to talk to us.

    We know exactly what to do...to help you get you what you deserve. Call us at 1 800-220-7752 or fill out our contact form.