• How to Survive "The Season of The Fall"
  • May 14, 2013
  • Law Firm: The Law Office of Kevin P. Landry P.C. - Falmouth Office
  • Yes, we have now entered "The Season Of The Fall"...

    It arrives every year in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. And as Massachusetts and Rhode Island slip and fall attorneys, we see it coming every year. It gets cold outside, the pavement freezes and people start to slip, fall and seriously injure themselves.

    We get snow, sleet, rain, then freezing temperatures and everything freezes up. Its a dangerous mix and people are oftentimes so afraid of falling, they refuse to go outside.

    In most slip and falls, its people just accidentally losing their balance. In the winter time like right now, these falls are usually due to frozen, icy, slippery surfaces or when they can't see the black ice under foot. In many cases, people seriously injure themselves.

    The worst part is that the majority of people who fall are elderly and in these cases, the resulting injuries are oftentimes severe and need medical attention. And far too often, these injuries  can end up being fatal.

    Although some more progressive companies are making serious efforts to increase safety in the winter season, the fact remains that slip and fall injuries are extremely serious.

    Over a million Americans suffer from fall-related injuries a year (mostly hip fractures and broken bones, knee and back damage, serious contusions and other trauma) according to the Centers for Disease Control. Shockingly, this statistic includes over seventeen thousand deaths.

    Slip and falls are a serious public health issue. And this is why it's so important to learn how to prevent them from happening in the first place so you can enjoy this winter season safely.

    And by following just a few of our simple Mass and Rhode Island slip and fall attorneys tips, you too can survive "The Season of the Fall".

    Rhode Island Slip and Fall Attorneys 5 Tips to Survive "The Season of the Fall"

    1. Place Salt On Your Walkway

    Spreading salt on the pavement before you walk on it will do a great job in helpful to prevent falls due to snow and ice. Salt is well known to melt ice and create a better, cleaner pathway to prevent falls. Some of my past personal injury clients, actually bring a plastic bag full of salt with them wherever they go so that wherever they may walk, they take matters into their own hands and create a less slippery to walk over.

    2. Wear Strong Sturdy Shoes

    Strong, sturdy and slip resistant shoes are another essential element to successfully surviving the Season of the Fall. Wearing heavy shoes with good solid grips will not only give you support and keep you upright, but will also help grab the slippery surface should you start to fall.

    3. Walk With Someone

    Wherever possible, consider walking with someone when its slippery. Having someone by your side will increase your confidence in walking around and will give you greater stability. When you're alone walking on slippery surfaces, you'll feel less secure and possibly even scared. When its really icy outside, seriously consider walking with someone at all times.

    4. Shovel The Ice Away From Your Front Yard

    Shovel the ice away from your front yard as often as possible so that it won't get all slippery. If you can't do it yourself, hire a local handyman or a kid from the neighborhood. For the $10 you may spend, its a good investments considering the cost of hospitalization should you be injured in a slip and fall. Also for your own protection from liability, when your walkway or driveway is slippery, and someone accidentally falls and injures themselves, they can potentially sue you for damages for not maintaining your grounds safely. You could be liable.

    5. Be Cautious When Walking

    Lastly, no matter how confident you may be walking on ice or snow, it's important you stay cautious and vigilant at all times when walking. It can be very dangerous out there in The Season of the Fall, so you'll need to be aware of your surrounding at all times.

    Bonus "Season of the Fall Tip"!

    6. Walk Like a Duck

    Lower your center of gravity, bend your knees and keep your feet out at angles. Take small steps and watch where you place your foot. Make sure your hands are out of your pockets. Also keep your hands out to the sides even with the ground. This easy technique will help you keep your balance and will protect yourself if you slip and fall.

    Other Safe Walking Tips:

    • Take short steps
    • Make wide turns
    • SLOW DOWN!!
    • Don’t walk on ice unless you absolutely have to and can’t avoid it
    • When stepping out of your car in a parking lot, hold onto the car door as you take the first step

    And If You Do Fall Because of Another Person's (or Company's) Negligence...

    During this winter season, stay as safe as you possibly can. But if you do have an accident, it's advisable to contact a Mass and Rhode Island slip and fall attorney who can help or at least talk to you about your injury.

    Injuring yourself in front of a business when the ice has not been cleared, depending on your case details can give you the right to pursue damages.

    Our Massachusetts and Rhode Island slip and fall attorneys will give you the peace of mind in knowing that no matter what may happen to you while walking outside, you have an ally to help you should you need one.

    Our Massachusetts and Rhode Island personal injury lawyers are ready to fight for your rights and bring you the justice you deserve. And its as always, no fee until we are successful.

    We know exactly what to do¿to help you get you what you deserve. Call us at 1 800-220-7752 or fill out our contact form.