• How to Avoid Sledding, Skiing and Skating Accidents
  • May 14, 2013
  • Law Firm: The Law Office of Kevin P. Landry P.C. - Falmouth Office
  • Although I love the chill of winter, as a Providence personal injury attorney, I know that wintertime also means danger for many people.

    One of the joys of winter is waking up to new fallen snow and heading off to the local sledding hill, skating on a local pond or going skiing up North.

    As fun as all these winter activities are, you do need to be careful and take the necessary precautions to avoid any mishaps. Because as fun as skiing, sledding and ice skating are, the last thing you want to have happen is suffer a serious personal injury because you may not have exercised caution.

    Providence Personal Injury Attorney Warns Greater Precaution

    Sure, the chances of suffering a serious personal injury while skiing, sledding or ice skating are remote. But you can't be too careful. For this Providence personal injury lawyer, we as parents and as a society need to take more precautions.

    And this also includes when our kids go sledding at the local hill, skating at the local pond or take  a few runs on the bunny slopes at Mount Wachusett.

    When we go skiing, many ski resorts now require protective head gear. And for those resorts that don’t require it, most display caution signs in plain view of patrons recommending protective head gear to ward against head injury accidents.

    Whether those signs stem from a deep desire to protect their patrons or whether they are the result of the advice of counsel to prevent potential litigation, no matter. For either reason, they are designed to protect people from harm.

    Likewise, when we are engaging in any kind of winter sport, we should take the same precautions as are advised by the ski resorts.

    Here are a few precautions you can take when you are enjoying winter activities so we all stay safe this winter season:

    • Get the Right Clothes: Wear sport-specific, well-fitting safety gear. The better the fit, the more safe.
    • Wear Helmets: Kids must always wear helmets when they ski, sled or skate on a pond. No exceptions. Parents need to set an example and wear helmets too. Children take their cue from the adults.
    • Wear Layers: Dress in layers and wear warm clothes that stay close to the skin.
    • No Scarves: Avoid wearing scarves as they don't get caught on ski lifts or other equipment that may strangle or injure.
    • Exercise Snowmobile Safety: Children under 6 should never ride on a snowmobile and no kids under 16 should drive one either. Helmet for snowmobiles must be specific for high-speed sports. A bicycle helmet will not do.

    Providence Personal Injury Attorney: “Take Precautions Performing Winter Activities”

    When our kids are sledding, skating, skiing or snowboarding, there’s very little control we have over what they do once they take off from the top of the hill or push off from the bank of the frozen pond.

    But by adhering the above rules, we can do all we can do as parents to keep them safe this winter season. We need to be protecting ourselves from the looming dangers of this wonderful season.

    Enjoy the winter chill - but stay safe and take every precaution you can when performing any kind of winter sporting activity. And have fun in the snow!