• Confessions Of A Rhode Island Personal Injury Attorney
  • May 17, 2013
  • Law Firm: The Law Office of Kevin P. Landry P.C. - Falmouth Office
  • As a Rhode Island personal injury attorney, just about everyone I meet for the first time, after what I tell them what I do for work, will pull me aside and ask:

    “Can I ask you a legal question?”

    After getting this question for many years now, I now realize that after twenty-plus years of practicing personal injury law, the things that I take for granted about personal injury law...may not be as well known by those who might be in need of my services.

    In most of those conversations I’ve had with people they proceed to tell me about an car accident that they had or their mother had or their father had and how their insurance company is telling them to do something that they’re not so sure that they should do.

    This is the primary reason why I decided to start this blog.

    Rhode Island Personal Injury Attorney Confessions

    With all the information that’s now available on the Internet, it’s challenging to get good answers to the questions that you have about personal injury law.

    And I realized that many people are confused by it.

    The truth of the matter is that I’m just really tired and oftentimes disgusted witnessing firsthand how insurance companies take advantage of people filing a claim for legitimate damages or injuries that have been inflicted upon them.

    Many of these insurance companies actually discourage people to contact an personal injury attorney, claiming that it simply won’t make a difference in how much money they receive in compensation.

    Although this might be true occasionally, in most cases it isn’t.

    More often than not, the insurance adjuster knows that your case is worth far more than they’re willing to settle for and (sadly) as part of their job, they’re obligated to the insurance company first--and you second.

    The bottom line is this:

    You may or may not need a Rhode Island personal injury attorney to represent you, but at the very least you should be armed with the knowledge and the most important information right from the start.

    The State of Personal Injury Law in 2012

    I’m also disgusted by many of my colleagues in the personal injury law field.

    You know who you are.

    All those personal injury attorneys in Rhode Island and Massachusetts “settlement mills” who make outrageous claims waving huge checks - making people think that getting money from a personal injury is “easy”.

    I have news for you all....it’s not easy.

    But armed with the right information, as well as the information that’s I’ll provide for you for  free in this blog, you’ll make the right decisions. And this information will help you to pick the right personal injury attorney for your case.

    Most Rhode Island or Massachusetts personal injury attorneys will require you to meet with them face-to-face owner to get information that’s presented in this blog.

    I disagree with that policy.

    Anyone who is considering filing a personal injury claim in Rhode Island or in Massachusetts should be armed with this information to help them make an educated decision on what the next best step is.

    My hope is that the information contained here help explain many of the things that you need to know as well as many of the mistakes to avoid while maintaining your rights and getting the compensation for your injuries.

    My Promise to You...

    Maybe selfishly, by you knowing this information up front, it also makes my job a bit simpler as well.

    When you understand how personal injury law works, it will save the both of us time.

    Should you decide to contact our law office and explore your personal injury claim further, we may work together--or we may not.

    But you just don’t know until you talk to us.

    If your case is not worth pursuing--then that’s just fine. We’ll tell you early on if that’s the case and not waste your time.

    But if it is worth pursuing, we will work our tails off to help you in the best way we can.

    Regardless, in the coming weeks and months, I intend on providing you with useful, relevant information on this blog to help you.

    And I confess-it’s all so you can make an informed decision on how to best proceed with your case.