• Personal Injury Award, Essex County Jury
  • July 7, 2011
  • Law Firm: Mark Galusha LLC - Basking Ridge Office
  • An Essex County jury awarded $2.475 million to a Hackensack woman who was injured in a collision with a garbage truck on Route 46 in Fairfield, New Jersey.  The jury set damages at $4.5 million but found that the plaintiff was 45% at fault.


    Plaintiff claimed that she was driving East on Route 46 in Fairfield just before dawn, when she hit the truck from behind. She claimed that she could not see the truck because it was covered in dirt and mud which obscured its lights.  She suffered a fractured right kneecap, tibia, fibula, ankle and foot and her left femur and damaged the radial ulnar nerve in her right arm and hand.  She was in a coma for six days and suffered mild traumatic brain injury.  She was hospitalized for three weeks and had an exploratory abdominal procedure to repair a ruptured spleen.  She required physical therapy, still walks with a cane, and doctors have recommended further surgery and a bone graft.  She also needed occupational therapy to learn how to use her right hand, including how to write.  She was unable to return to work and required accommodations to resume classes at Bergen County Community College, including having someone take notes for her. 


    The highest settlement offer she received before the trial was $800,000.

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