• What compensation you are expected if you get personally injured in China?
  • April 9, 2015
  • Law Firm: YingKe Law Firm - Beijing Office
  • The life in morden city is full of danger. Everyday people get hurt by car accident, third party's attack, even by animals like dogs. People should be aware a bit of what they can get for compensation, in case anybody fools you.

    By China laws, if a person gets injured by any third party’s fault, he shall be compensated by the following items:

    1. Medical Expenses.
    Surely all your expenses when you are hospitalized including fees for examinations, surgery and drugs, etc shall be compensated. Of course expenses for return visit to doctors shall be compensated too. You should be careful about drug expenses when you are out of hospital. The part usually get scrutinized strictly in court. You have to prove the drugs you bought are treatment for specific injuries.

    2. Meal Subsidiary.
    You can get 50yuan per day when you are hospitalized.

    3. Nutrition Fee.
    If you want nutrition fee, you have to get written advice from your doctor that you need more nutrition to recover. And the standard to compensate is similar to meal subsidiary’s.

    4. Nursing Fee.
    The nursing expenses when you are hospitalized are payable. However the fee you spend after hospital will not definitely be supported by court. It depends on injuries you suffered.

    5. Lost wages.
    When you get injured by third party’s fault, you may not continue working. You may have to rest for a period in hospital or at home. The you suffer wage losses. The losses in your rest period shall be compensated. But please note that the rest period must be approved by your doctor.

    6. Disability Remedy.
    If you are hurt seriously enough, a certain kind of disability like limp, blindness, arms-not-lift, shall be formed. This is claimable. And the level of disability shall be decided by professional organ designated by court. Different level means different sum of compensation. The calculation equator is complicated.

    7. Mental Distress Remedy.
    If the court ascertains that you are disabled, you will be granted with mental distress remedy. The amount varies from the level of disability.