• Identifying an Auto Product Liability Case
  • May 9, 2011
  • Law Firm: Bisnar - Newport Beach Office
  • Auto">Auto product liability cases are some of the most difficult cases to attain justice for.  It is not uncommon for the drivers involved to be unaware that the cause of their car accident was not the people that were driving, but instead that of the car manufacturers. Many attorneys do not have the necessary resources to fully analyze every car accident case to see if an auto defect was involved. This has led to countless drivers being blamed for the negligence of others, and countless victims never knowing the true entity responsible for their injuries or the death of their loved ones.

    Unveiling Your Vehicle

    Americans love their cars, making it very difficult to change their perception of the safety of their vehicle. Most people are unaware of the amount of deaths caused each year by improperly manufactured auto parts, the number of victims due to manufacturer negligence is more than outrageous.

    In 2010, six out of 10 people who were killed in SUV crashes were in an SUV that rolled over. Clearly, the issue here has plenty to do with inadequate design.  This is because most SUVs on the road today, in addition to a high center of gravity and a too narrow track width, lack electronic stability control and the sufficient roof strength to withstand a rollover, which means that these vehicles pose a considerable risk. Should a driver lose control, it could lead to an SUV">SUV roll over and sustain a crushed roof, resulting in serious consequences for the occupants.

    Adjusting Our Point of View

    Unfortunately, it has become painfully obvious that most drivers are unaware of the alarming number of vehicles with defective auto parts.  Few people can differentiate between an accident caused by a product defect or ones that are caused by drivers. The amount of money that must be spent for attorneys to decipher between the two is astronomical, and is usually a deterrent towards finding who is truly to blame.

    For the automakers, the defense that has worked so successfully has been placing blame on the driver. The driver is always the perfect scapegoat, because in all likelihood, they were partially responsible. What tends to be left on the back burner in wrongful">wrongful death  cases is the irrefutable evidence that, although the victims would have still been injured, they would have lived. Through their manipulation of NHTSA, and lack of information to the public, the automakers have created a shield to hold off lawsuits that yield large recoveries to victims. If you can expose these tactics successfully, you are one step closer to moving manufacturers in the direction of change.

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