• Faulty Devices in a Product Liability Lawsuit
  • September 7, 2016
  • Law Firm: Deutsch Kerrigan LLP - New Orleans Office
  • Samsung has issued a recall notice on it latest phone the Galaxy Note 7 after reports of exploding or burning devices. As with the hoverboard craze, many of these reports are a result of a faulty battery. But not all device recalls are initiated because of faulty batteries.

    The band on McDonald's Step-It tracker which was included in Happy Meals in the U.S. and Canada, apparently irritated the skin of some users and has led to a recall initiated by the company.

    How do I Protect Against Bodily Injury Risk?
    Malfunctioning devices can cause injuries, illnesses and even death of wearers or patients. Device manufacturers may face a product liability lawsuit when these bodily injuries occur. To alleviate these risks, Travelers Insurance suggests manufacturers consider the following strategies:
    • Conduct extensive research
    • Conduct robust hazard analysis
    • Plan for mitigation
    • Develop clear safety and use instructions