• Hip replacements are subject of FDA complaints
  • September 30, 2010 | Author: Howard Andrew Raphaelson
  • Law Firm: Raphaelson & Levine Law Firm, P.C. - New York Office
  • Several manufacturers of Hip replacements are the subject of FDA complaints. The complaints have severe and debilitating pain, in many cases the need for additional surgeries.

    Although there are obviously risks associated with artificial hip replacements, the complaints that are currently in the news revolve around products that are not performing what they were designed to do.

    This failure is a product defect in either the design or manufacturing process. The complaints have included artificial hips manufactured by Zimmer Duron, Depuy Orthopedics and Stryker.

    If you are experiencing unexplained hip pain more than three months after hip replacement, loosening of the components of the hip replacement or are required to have additional hip replacement revisional surgery, your condition may be as a result of the products failure and not your own medical condition.

    Defectively designed and manufactured products that do not perform as they are intended to do may result in lawsuits against the manufacturer. Raphaelson and Levine have been the voice of individuals and families that have suffered as a result of dangerous medications, dangerous products and clear and present dangers. If you have had a hip replacement by one of the manufacturers referred to above, you may be entitled to legal compensation. For more information regarding your legal options, visit our website or call 212-268-3222.