• 10 Brands of Baby Wipes Recalled
  • December 18, 2014 | Author: Seth A. Katz
  • Law Firm: Burg Simpson Eldredge Hersh & Jardine, P.C. - Englewood Office
  • Nutek Disposables, Inc. is voluntarily recalling 10 brands of baby wipes from stores nationwide because of possible bacterial contamination, according to a U.S. Food and Drug Administration press release.

    The baby wipes are sold under the names:

    • Cuties

    • Fred's

    • Kidgets

    • Well Beginnings

    • Diapers.com

    • Femtex

    • Member's Mark

    • Simply Right

    • Sunny Smiles

    • Tender Touch

    Baby wipes under these brands were sold at Diapers.com, Family Dollar, Fred's, Sam's Club, Walgreens and other retailers around the U.S.

    The company received complaints from consumers regarding an odor and discoloration in the wipes. After conducting a microbial test, Nutek found these products may contain Burkholderia cepacia. The bacteria can be found in soil and water, and is not a serious health risk to people with strong immune systems, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. However, those with weak immune systems or chronic diseases are more susceptible to the negative effects of the bacteria.

    Nutek has received complaints regarding rashes, infections, gastrointestinal and respiratory issues and fever. It has not been confirmed if these ailments are linked to the baby wipes.

    Production of the baby wipes has been stopped at the facility where the contaminated products were created, though Nutek is not yet aware of why the problem arose. The company is working with the FDA to address the issue.