• Recalled Products Find Ways Back Into Homes
  • March 10, 2015 | Author: Stephen J. Burg
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  • There have been recent reports of recalled products finding their way back into consumers' homes, mostly through various reselling websites. Local ABC affiliates from around the country have reported there isn't a specific trend or one type of recalled product being more readily available than another. As ABC noted, it can be like playing recall roulette for consumers.

    Recalls not clear
    ABC-13 reported on a children's product called a Bumbo Baby Seat. Though the child seat was recalled by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, some parents did not know.

    "We were 100 percent under the assumption that we were doing everything right," said Nick Groesbeck, father of Addie who suffered an accident related to the product.

    Addie was 6 months old when she fell out of the baby seat and suffered a traumatic brain injury. The parents said they never received a letter or warning of any kind after they purchased the product.

    The news source continued investigating the use of the Bumbo Baby Seat and other recalled products, and stated it found additional Bumbo Seats for sale on Craigslist. Most of them didn't contain the safety belt, which was included in the seat design after the initial recall.

    The Bumbo Baby Seat is one of many products for sale on the website. ABC 5 conducted a similar investigation on Ohio-based Craigslist listings and found products that are now illegal to sell, as they had been recalled.

    Jennifer Irwin lost her son, Ayden, when he was 6 months old. The child was strangled by a cord attached to the baby monitor. After the incident, and additional complaints involving the same product, Summer Infant Inc., the product's manufacturer, recalled the product.

    However, ABC-5 found the product for sale on Craigslist. The trend is alarming, as it demonstrates this is not confined to one part of the country or a single product, but it is happening with many products all over. The scariest part is people posting these products on Craigslist aren't posting information regarding their recall, and the consumers aren't doing their homework before purchasing.

    Elliot Kaye, Chairperson of the CPSC, said the commission has ordered 9,000 products to be removed from online sites.

    Consumer's don't know
    It is illegal to sell recalled products, but it is often the case that sellers, especially those reselling items, aren't aware of the recall at all. ABC-6 reported on a seller advertising a baby crib in Indiana. The crib was being sold for $100, and the seller claimed not to know there was a recall affiliated with the product after it caused 32 deaths. The seller told the news source he wasn't aware the crib had been recalled at all.

    "I had no idea," the seller said. "This was a $700 crib."

    It is important for consumers to do a bit of research before purchasing used items. It is also necessary for the seller to provide all information. Unfortunately, that is not always the case.