• Winning over the Jury: Mastery of the Facts
  • February 15, 2013
  • Law Firm: Joe Miller Law Ltd. - Norfolk Office
  • Copyright, 2013, Joe Miller, Esq.

    If you want to win over a Jury, one of the most important things is to be a master of the facts of the case. Your lawyer has to be a master of knowing your case backwards and forwards. The jury will detect if he or she fails to do that right away.

    If your lawyer has that mastery and can express it properly before the jury, and you have the truth on your side---the case will the resolve itself, and the Jury will express its approval by way of a Verdict in your favor.

    This mastery must be expressed and be made known to the jury immediately. 

    I have heard of studies that show that when people are watching sports on TV and looking at two teams playing that they care nothing about--- let’s say for example an American watching two teams from some lesser known regions in Bulgaria---studies have proven that viewers will invariably begin to root for one team.  And the important part—those viewers will make up their mind in the first five minutes of watching the match--which team to root for.

    The same thing works with trial attorneys and cases. Within the first 5 minutes of the case the Jury will make up its mind who they want to win.  The good news is that the injured person has the burden of evidence, but this gives us the advantage—your lawyer gets to argue first in front of the Jury.

    It is therefore absolutely essential that your lawyer have a mastery of the facts your case so he or she can win over the jury in that critical first five minutes. If your lawyer fails to do so, odds are, the attorney will never be able to get them back, and you will end up with a Defense Verdict.

    Joe Miller has tried numerous Jury Trials to successful verdict. He knows what it takes to win over a jury.

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