• The Foreclosure Crisis is The Cannibalization of America
  • August 3, 2011
  • Law Firm: Amerihope Alliance Legal Services LLC - Plantation Office
  • While public officials are still parroting recovery talking points, those not paid by American tax dollars are racing to the bottom to find a way to continue to profit off the scraps of the American Dream.

    An emblematic example is the first thing you'll see when entering downtown Cape Coral, Florida: a bright green bus labeled "Foreclosure Tours R Us." A graphic of a watering can being used on a house underneath the slogan "Watch Your Investment Grow!" would have you believe that the best place to make a quick buck is in investing in real estate in a county that has more underwater properties than almost anywhere else in the nation.

    But the operator of that sour-apple colored bus may have been beat by Spike TV, who has announced a new reality tv show focusing on teams dedicated to buying up foreclosed homes and flipping them for as much money as possible. They'll soon be followed by Bravo and A&E in the name of making entertainment out of a crisis that has left a wake of countless homeless families, suicides, and devastated communities.

    "These programs are like the ultimate game show because you don't know what's behind that door before you buy the house," says David Broome, executive producer of Spike's "Flip Men." Mr. Broome is certainly right about that, just ask the man who bought the foreclosed home of Kathryn Norris of Cape Canaveral, Florida. He found Ms. Norris' corpse in his new home, which had been sitting in her car in the garage for over a year without even the foreclosing lender having noticed. What great television that will make!

    But those most worthy of disdain may not be the Goldman Sachs of the world, but the countless scammers who did their dirty work selling people into sub-prime loans. Many of them have moved on to grift people for foreclosure prevention products such as "forensic loan audits" and phony lawsuits. Some even claim that for $100/month they can guarantee another month of not being evicted for a non-paying borrower. To quote another, "It is a nationwide epidemic to the point where we may need to simply call in the Marines and place all these brokers in quarantine or FEMA Camps until we purge these demon breeding insects from the bunch. I am actually coming to the conclusion that it might be in these people’s blood or DNA. They are born to prey on humans because their minds are so small and souls so empty, that is all they can do to survive."

    It is also true that in times of crisis that there are people that feel the calling to aid people's suffering. Many foreclosure defense lawyers are finding themselves on the forefront of an ongoing humanitarian disaster, as elderly and disadvantaged people are tossed out of their homes, soon followed by hard-working families who have depleted their savings in order to shore up their homes' plummeting value. Combined with the rapidly shrinking employment, social services, and healthcare availabilities of our nation we are tearing through decades of weatlth and value just to keep our country economically viable for just a little bit longer. We may not have the power to save the entire country, but homeowners who have been stolen from, lied to, and abused by a system that no longer cares about them must learn to trust again in experienced foreclosure defense attorneys. At this point in the foreclosure crisis, there are countless people who have betrayed homeowners in the capacities of borrowers, constituents, or clients, and there are those whose hard work and successes are unimpeachable. For anyone that wants to save their homes and ways of life, there is no other option.