• REDG News: September Vacant Property Registration Update
  • September 27, 2012 | Author: Frank J. Veneziano
  • Law Firm: Weltman, Weinberg & Reis Co., L.P.A. - Cincinnati Office
  • Municipalities across the country are adopting and starting to enforce Vacant Property Registration Ordinances, which require owners of vacant properties to register the properties with the city and maintain a level of compliance.

    A vacant property registration ordinance requires the entity responsible for vacant properties to not only register themselves as the responsible party, but to also maintain the home to the standards set by the local community. As passed by local governments, the ordinances apply to all vacant properties within the local community and can be either city or county-wide.

    Go here to view the current Vacant Property Legislation Report as provided by LPS: http://www.realestatedefaultgroup.com/FJV&under;VacantProperty201209.aspx

    Please provide WWR’s Real Estate Default Group (REDG) directives to register any vacant properties.

    Unless otherwise directed, REDG will:

    • Register vacant properties only upon client request
    • Notify clients if we become aware that a property is vacant
    • If a client requests REDG register a vacant property and the municipality requires private information, such as a lenders loan number, REDG will obtain written approval from our client to release the requested information to the municipality\
    • Managing Attorneys will establish the fee for clients to register the vacant property depending on the complexity of the registration process