• Florida Foreclosure Defense Lawyers Take Sanctions All The Way to The Bank
  • June 14, 2011
  • Law Firm: Amerihope Alliance Legal Services LLC - Plantation Office
  • Almost one year after the robo-signing scandal started getting attention, the servicing practices at America's largest mortgage servicers don't seem to have improved. In some cases, it seems like they are more out of touch and disingenuous as ever.

    Take the case of Warren and Maureen Nyerges, whose wrongful foreclosure nightmare started 2 years ago despite the fact that they never have had a mortgage on their property. These Collier County homeowners paid in full for their home from Bank of America, and eventually had their case vindicated in court, winning sanctions of about $2,500.

    But the absurdity didn't end there. Bank of America's obstinate refusal to face facts did not stop at the court ruling, but instead came to a head on Friday, July 3rd, when the Nyerges, their attorney, and officers from the local sherriff's department came to a local Bank of America branch to seize bank property in order to settle the debt.

    While this is not the first time this has happened it is fairly unusual for such a large mortgage lender. Bank of America cut a check on the spot to defuse the situation, but a veritable Devil's Triangle of sub-prime Countrywide loans, pitiful, error-riddled Bank of America servicing, and abandoned David Stern court cases still has tens of thousands of Floridian homeowners trapped.

    Not only are they trapped but the situation seems gloomier than ever. The financial sector is darkening its prospects across the board: Wells Fargo and BoA are cutting thousands of jobs as they slowly acknowledge that the mortgage market is not recovering. It seems that at this point mortgage lenders are content to take as many homeowners with them in a slow, widespread collapse than accept the losses necessary to restore the housing market.

    Every day more American homeowners are being forced to come to terms with their mortgage problems through the only way their lenders tends to allow them: by defending themselves from a foreclosure suit. Amerihope Alliance Legal Services is prepared and up to the task of protecting as many homeowners as possible from the growing foreclosure crisis. Our experience and dedication is based on three years of successful negotiations and court cases that defend hard-working Americans from predatory financial manipulations.