• Georgia’s Securities Division Launches New Website For Electronic Form D Filing
  • February 18, 2015 | Authors: Lori A. Gelchion; Robert C. Hussle; Jody L. Spencer
  • Law Firm: Rogers & Hardin - Atlanta Office
  • The Securities Division of the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office has launched its online Electronic Filing Depository (“EFD”) to be used for the filing of notices of certain exempt securities offerings.

    The new EFD website was launched to increase efficiency for issuers and to provide improved transparency for investors. Securities issuers can use the website to electronically submit a Form D for a Regulation D, Rule 506 offering to multiple state securities regulators and pay related fees. Users can also use the EFD website to search and view, free of charge, Form D filings made with various state securities regulators through EFD.

    Use of the EFD system by issuers in Georgia is voluntary. There is a one-time $150 system use fee with respect to each offering for which a filing is made through the EFD website. This fee is in addition to standard filing fees required by the states.

    The new EFD website is available at: https://www.efdnasaa.org.