• Obama Pushes Smart Automotive Technology
  • July 23, 2014 | Author: Jeffrey A. Soble
  • Law Firm: Foley & Lardner LLP - Chicago Office
  • Here at the Dashboard, we have been leading the charge that the Auto Industry is undergoing a technical revolution. Whether it be new materials, adaptive vehicles, software, or something else, every car you buy, lease or drive is more technologically advanced than the next.

    The government recognizes this too. As reported by Law360, on Tuesday, July 15, 2014, President Barack Obama was publicly acknowledging the need for government to invest more in smart auto technology. Companies recognize this as car companies keep showing up at technology forums and technology companies invade automotive territory. Not only are vehicles at issue, but so is infrastructure with the current congressional negotiations over the U.S. Highway Trust Fund.

    The issue is not whether technology will march forward and change the automotive industry. Instead, the questions are how fast will it happen (real fast, by the way)? Which companies will be left behind because they refuse to look forward? Which new companies will come in and disrupt the current status quo?