• U.S. Patent Office, NIST to Hold Meeting to Explore Patent Intersection of Patents and Cybersecurity
  • October 23, 2014 | Author: Walter J. Kawula
  • Law Firm: Husch Blackwell LLP - Chicago Office
  • The U.S. Patent Office has announced that, in conjunction with National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), it will host its first Cybersecurity Partnership Meeting on November 14, 2014. The U.S. Patent Office bills the event as a collaborative forum involving U.S. Patent Office staff and participants in the cybersecurity sector who seek patent protection for their inventions. Examples of recently patented cybersecurity inventions include: automated computer network risk assessment tools, adaptive analysis of network traffic to identify likely security violations, analytics of current cyber sequences to predict future cybersecurity attacks, and providing internet security alerts to mobile devices using streaming video technology.

    Topics for the meeting are expected to include:

    • NIST’s Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity;
    • U.S. Patent Office cybersecurity patent initiatives and examination guidelines for patent eligible subject matter following the Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank Supreme Court decision;
    • Perspectives of key stakeholders in the cybersecurity sector; and
    • Input and ideas from the public.

    The public may attend in person at the temporary location of the Silicon Valley U.S. Patent Office in Menlo Park, California or via webcast. Registration no later than November 10, 2014 is required. Instructions for making an e-mail request for registration may be found at the U.S. Patent Office webpage for this event.