• Train Travel Is Popular Near and Far 
  • October 19, 2010 | Author: Michael P. Ehline
  • Law Firm: Ehline Law Firm PC - Los Angeles Office
  • Train travel is popular near and far, for travelers and for commuters and unlike vehicles there are not thousands of accidents a day on the highway. However, when there is a train crash there are catastrophic injuries that often result in death of the passengers and train crew. There are some factors that can lead to train accidents or collisions. The first of these can be driver error and include:
    • The conductor can travel at unsafe speeds for the area the train is traveling through
    • The conductor can go through a signal, which can lead to a collision with another train traveling in the opposite direction.
    There can be train collisions are caused by signal controller’s errors including:
    • Signal controllers can be negligent in allowing two trains to be traveling on the same tracks in opposite directions
    • Signal controllers can be negligent in improper signals to divert trains.
    There are other factors that can lead to a train accident or collision including derailment and rollovers.
    • Train derailments can occur due to tracks that have not been maintained.
    • Train derailments and rollovers can occur on curves where the train is traveling at too high a rate of speed. There can be obstacles on the tracks that can cause the derailment or rollover.
    • There can be train derailments or rollover accidents in junction areas where two tracks converge into one or diverge into two tracks.
    These are some of the factors that can cause the train to be involved in an accident that can lead to major injuries and death.
    • The injuries can include traumatic head injuries, spinal cord injuries, broken bones and other major injuries. These type of injuries mean long stays in the hospital and ongoing medical care that can be a financial and emotional drain on the injured train passenger and their family. Train travel is popular near and far and train crashes can occur in any city and in Orange County, California.
    The injured passenger needs the assistance of the Orange County or Los Angeles train accident attorney that has the experience needed to file a legal claim against the train company or agency that was negligent in maintenance, conductor error or signal controllers errors. The train accident attorney specializes in train crashes and understands these are catastrophic crashes that cause major injuries or death. Ehline Law Firm is a train accident attorney at 633 W 5th St #2890 Los Angeles, CA 90071 213.596.9642.