• New Amendments to Dallas City Code Ethics Requirements
  • April 28, 2011 | Author: Jonathan G. Vinson
  • Law Firm: Jackson Walker L.L.P. - Dallas Office
  • In a previous Jackson Walker e-Alert, we brought you news of extensive changes to the ethics requirements of the Dallas City Code affecting City Council campaign contributions.  Last Wednesday, April 13, the Council passed a number of amendments to these ethics requirements.  Among the effects of these amendments, contribution restrictions now no longer apply to individuals who represent a property owner in certain “designated zoning cases” or “designated public subsidy matters.”  Instead, these now only apply to the property owner and “affiliates” of the property owner, as described in a new definition.

    The campaign contribution restrictions were also expanded to apply not just to incumbent Council members but also to Council candidates, and the restriction period was reduced from 60 days after the final action on a particular matter to 30 days after the final action.  Finally, an exemption was added for campaign contributions made to or by a general purpose political committee or a political action committee, both as defined under applicable state or federal law.

    The effect of these amendments is, among others, to clarify when representatives on a zoning case who appear before the Council may make contributions, as well as the ability of political action committees to contribute.