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The Adams and Reese Environmental Litigation Team has vast experience advising oil and gas companies, maritime and service industry companies, chemical companies, financial institutions, manufacturers and transportation companies. Among other services our attorneys assess our clients' potential environmental liability with regard to the purchase and sale of properties. Our Environmental team members have significant experience in hazardous waste litigation, management and transportation and have vast experience with relevant international, United States and state statutory laws, including air quality, water quality, solid and hazardous waste management, remedial and corrective actions at waste sites, toxins, land use planning and zoning, flood insurance, regulatory problems, wetlands policy coastal zone management, mineral law, underground injection, oilfield waste and hazardous materials transportation.


Services Available

Several of our team members have engineering backgrounds and others have experience as state agency lawyers and prosecutors in the State Department of Justice. Our attorneys regularly coordinate environmental regulatory compliance for clients which involves general advice on laws and regulations, the preparation of documents and materials for regulatory agencies, defense in enforcement actions (administrative and judicial), and defense of private claims. We also guide our clients through the proper procedures to obtain needed permits for their businesses.


Claims for bodily injury, mental/emotional injury and medical monitoring resulting from alleged exposure to asbestos and other toxins continue to be filed in unprecedented numbers. Both "mature" (e.g., asbestos) and "emerging" (e.g., latex gloves) toxic torts fall within the experience of the Adams and Reese Asbestos and Toxic Tort Team. Significantly, our firm has been involved in the development of defenses to latent disease injuries, such as those caused by silica or asbestos. These defenses require experience in law that is inapplicable in other cases. This is because the courts may look to and apply the law in effect at the time of the harmful exposure, which may have been 20 to 50 years earlier.

Our attorneys provide the experience, manpower and technology necessary to defend toxic tort claims ranging from individual plaintiffs to multi-party mass tort litigation. Our attorneys have served as local, regional and national counsel to a large variety of manufacturers, distributors and users of products targeted in toxic tort litigation. We have experience in defending clients involved in asbestos, grain dust, silica, welding rods, benzene, implants, latex gloves, pesticides and other chemicals. This experience extends to the proper handling and strategies to be employed to defend and develop legal and factual issues, as well as medical causation.

We have assembled a repository of medical, scientific and technical information and we have access to a network of highly respected consultants and experts. Our team approach allows the firm's clients to benefit from a wealth of information and resources.

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