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Employees and employers are increasingly favoring compensation in the form of employee benefits rather than cash compensation. The Adams and Reese ERISA & Employee Benefits Team advises and represents clients in all phases of employee benefits administration. The team completes the Firm's efforts to provide corporate clients with extensive legal and management support. All of our clients now have access to a complete gamut of necessary legal services at one firm. The ERISA and Employee Benefits Team complements our Labor and Employment, Governmental Relations, Class Action and Complex Litigation, Intellectual Property and Healthcare Teams.

The ERISA and Employee Benefits Team provides clients with complex and class action litigation support, as well as the knowledge and experience that accompanies intricate ERISA issues. Clients have access to detailed and tailored ERISA advice on a variety of complex ERISA plan design issues, as well as seminar opportunities to obtain information and to learn the latest developments in the ERISA arena.


Services Available


  • Drafting and reviewing of every type of employee benefit plan, including pension and welfare plans, executive employment agreements and stock option contracts

  • Creating benefit plans of publicly traded and privately held companies, as well as 403(b), 457 and other types of governmental plans

  • Advising fiduciaries on issues pertaining to plan maintenance, administration and termination

  • Obtaining favorable determination letters for client plans from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and in using procedures issued by the IRS to make voluntary corrections of plan compliance failures


Our clients are generally mid-sized to large employers, located in or out of state, who sponsor a variety of deferred compensation and employee benefit programs.


  • Advised and assisted a large municipality in joining a state-sponsored retirement system. Difficult ERISA, state law, and federal tax issues were involved.
  • Advised and assisted in the rehabilitation and correction of several qualified and nonqualified plans sponsored by a quasi-governmental organization. Our resolution of this problem involved working with representatives of the Internal Revenue Service, the Department of Labor and the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation at the highest levels.
  • Represented and advised an ESOP with respect to proxy voting to authorize an initial public offering of the sponsoring company's common stock.
  • Advised and assisted in the successful assimilation of qualified and non-qualified benefit plans in numerous corporate acquisitions.
  • Advised and assisted in the successful spin-off or termination of qualified and non-qualified plans in numerous corporate sales and reorganizations.
  • Represented clients before the Internal Revenue Service on many occasions to obtain relief from IRS assessments or surtaxes.


Members of the ERISA and Employee Benefits Team tailor their services for each client's particular needs. This attitude grows out of the Adams and Reese philosophy of showing the client how it can be done, rather than telling them why it cannot be done. In order to meet their unique needs, our team members provide each client with customized services in numerous disciplines. As a result of the depth and breadth of our legal talent, our clients no longer need to sacrifice their time and money hopping from one firm in order to find the experience they need. Adams and Reese and its ERISA and Employee Benefits Team solve those problems under one umbrella of services by adhering to the following principles:

  • All plan documents, summary plan descriptions, and other pertinent material are conveniently available in three-ring-binders and on the Adams and Reese computer network for quick reference during phone consultations

  • We perform legal work at the lowest possible billing level consistent with the goal of providing prompt, high quality services at a reasonable price

  • We use and reuse standard documents and plan provisions to minimize time and expense, taking advantage, when possible, of computerized document-generating software

  • We keep the client informed at all times about the progress of work

  • We return calls the day they are received

  • In most cases, we do not hang up the phone without giving an answer to the question that you have asked

  • We consult with other lawyers in the firm when non-ERISA advice is needed