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Members of Duane Morris' Structured Finance Group have participated in the structuring, drafting and negotiation of structured financings on behalf of issuers, collateral managers, sellers and servicers of assets, underwriters, placement agents, purchasers, managing and remarketing agents, investors, lenders, credit enhancers, liquidity providers and warehousers. Members of the Group have handled transactions concerning "cash flow" collateralized debt obligations (including collateralized loan obligations and collateralized bond obligations) and other asset-backed transactions as well as "synthetic" collateralized loan and bond obligations. These transactions have involved the securitization of a wide variety of assets, including high-yield debt, project finance loans, asset-backed securities, mortgage-backed securities, commercial, multifamily and residential mortgage loans, manufactured housing loans, equipment and automobile leases and loans, tax-exempt municipal bonds, guaranteed investment contracts and credit default swaps. Transactions have included both performing and nonperforming assets.

The Structured Finance Group uses a team approach to structure and complete a transaction successfully. Accordingly, although each of the Group's attorneys is experienced with securities law, investment management, real estate, bank regulatory, tax, bankruptcy and ERISA aspects of structured finance transactions, the Group is able to draw on the knowledge of one or more senior attorneys in each of our securities, real estate, banking, tax, bankruptcy and ERISA groups who regularly handle issues that arise in structured finance transactions. In particular, Duane Morris' Tax Department plays an active structuring role and provides tax counsel relating to transactions with respect to which the creation or maintenance of certain tax attributes is crucial.

The Group strives to work efficiently from the initial structuring through the closing of a transaction in a manner that is designed to meet the requirements of all parties and minimize the risks for our clients. Our attorneys provide the basis for creative approaches and practical solutions to all types of structured finance issues. Duane Morris' Structured Finance Group handles all aspects of structured finance transactions, including the following types of securities and facilities:

  • Collateralized debt obligations, including:
    • collateralized bond obligations, both cash flow and market value, and including as collateral:
      • asset-backed securities
      • mortgage-backed securities
      • high-yield debt securities
    • collateralized loan obligations, including as collateral:
      • secured and unsecured commercial loans
      • project finance loans
    • synthetic collateralized loan and bond obligations, with reference assets, including:
      • asset-backed securities
      • mortgage-backed securities
      • investment-grade corporate debt
      • high-yield debt
  • Collateralized fund obligations, including:
    • principal-protected notes
    • hedge fund-backed notes
    • private equity fund-backed notes
  • Mortgage-backed securities, including:
    • mortgage pass-throughs
    • mortgage warehousing facilities
    • multifamily mortgage loans and pools
    • pools of co-op loans
    • pools of non-performing mortgages and real estate
    • purchase and sale of whole loans
    • second mortgage loan pools
    • single-asset and multi-asset commercial mortgages
  • Asset-backed commercial paper programs, including programs backed by:
    • automobile loans
    • credit card receivables
    • healthcare receivables
    • foreign or domestic trade receivables
    • commercial mortgages
  • Asset-backed securities backed by:
    • automobile and boat loans
    • automobile leases
    • credit card receivables
    • dealer floor-planning loans
    • equipment leases
    • foreign government securities
    • franchise and small business loans
    • healthcare receivables
    • manufactured housing loans
    • municipal securities
    • tax-exempt municipal leases and municipal bonds
  • Credit enhancement and liquidity facilities, including:
    • remarketing agreements
    • liquidity facilities
    • letters of credit
    • financial guaranty insurance polices
    • cash-collateral accounts
    • asset-purchase agreements


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