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The Fisher & Phillips International Employment Practice consists of attorneys experienced in providing legal advice to international employers on human resources and immigration matters (inbound and outbound) on a global basis, as well as on matters pertaining to employees working in the United States who are governed by international laws. We contribute to our clients' business success by helping them navigate through complex global human resources issues.

Our clients range from small employers just starting to explore international operations to large Fortune 500 companies with operations worldwide. We partner with our clients on strategic planning, compliance, global movement of employees, and employee compensation and benefits.

International Employment

Our attorneys have experience in all aspects of employment law, benefits, and compensation issues, including:

  • Human resources, benefits, compensation policies, handbooks and procedures
  • Codes of business conduct and ethics
  • Successful hiring and recruiting practices
  • Expatriate/inpatriate matters
  • Employment, consultant, and severance agreements
  • Non-competition and confidentiality agreements
  • Implementation of equal employment opportunity and diversity programs
  • Employee performance management, discipline and discharge cases
  • Reductions in force, redundancies and site closures
  • Harassment and discrimination prevention and correction
  • Substance abuse testing
  • Investigations regarding fraud, business ethical infractions, Foreign Corrupt
  • Practices Act, safety, and alleged violations of law or policy
  • Complaint helpline protocol, procedures and training
  • Prevention of workplace violence and threats
  • Training for supervisors and employees on employment law, harassment prevention, diversity and other topics
  • Litigation and administrative actions
  • Mergers, acquisitions and other business transactions (including E.U. Transfer of Undertakings)
  • Current and evolving strategic employment law issues

Immigration Services and Immigration Compliance

Our Global Immigration Practice consists of experienced attorneys and paralegals dedicated to assisting companies and individuals with a wide spectrum of employment-related global immigration issues, including obtaining work visas for foreign workers coming to the U.S. for temporary employment and for both U.S. and non-U.S. workers transferring abroad or from one foreign company location to another for any length of assignment. We also offer a full complement of immigration compliance services.

International Labor

Our attorneys have experience in helping our clients address international labor issues such as: implementing policies and projects in consultation with unions and works councils on matters such as reductions in force, site closures, compensation and severance policies and investigation protocols; meeting with employee representatives on proactive, project and case-specific matters; negotiating successful collective bargaining and other agreements; and preparing employee communications.

Cross-Border Compensation and Benefits

Our international practice provides full support in the area of compensation and benefits, including the design and taxation of benefits and compensation payable to expatriates and globally-mobile employees. Our group regularly addresses questions involving benefits, compensation and tax issues for outbound U.S. citizens who will be working abroad and matters relating to third-country nationals working in foreign offices. Our work frequently involves reviewing the tax treaties, foreign pension, tax and employment laws and U.S. laws relating to U.S. citizens working abroad. We also have addressed issues related to inbound employees from foreign countries working in the United States. We help our clients prepare competitive compensation and benefits programs that may include bonus plans, severance policies, compensation analyses, and incentive practices compliant with local law and policy.

Data Privacy and E.U. Data Protection

Our attorneys have significant experience providing advice and assistance to multi-national and domestic employers regarding the complex issue of data privacy, including:

  • Preparing advice and managing projects to allow employers to conduct their employee personnel and medical data programs in compliance with worldwide country-specific and European Union Data Protection laws
  • Implementing procedures to allow employers to conduct cross-border performance management and compensation systems in compliance with international laws
  • Preparing agreements and other documents that provide greater latitude to employers regarding data privacy matters
  • Creating investigation and complaint hotline protocol in compliance with international laws

International Non-Compete and Trade Secrets

We have a global practice concentrating on issues of employee defection and recruitment, including litigating injunction and damages actions relating to covenants not to compete, non-solicitation and non-disclosure agreements, unfair competition, employee raiding, trade secrets, duty of loyalty, fraud, economic espionage and unfair competition statutes. Our attorneys draft restrictive covenants internationally, and help clients worldwide develop and implement programs to protect competitive assets against employee defection, and to minimize risks when hiring from competitors. Practice group attorneys have experience as part of litigation teams, in conjunction with local country counsel, for international non-compete and trade secret disputes.

Fraud and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Compliance

Our attorneys have experience managing allegations of fraud and FCPA violations globally, developing policies to prevent and address these issues, and create and conduct lively and interactive presentations for executives, managers, and employees on these topics to help ensure business success in this highly-competitive and regulated area.

International Professional Relationships

Our practice has established strong relationships with local counsel in jurisdictions on six continents. These relationships are strong and tested by our practice group members. We stake our reputation on them. We are ready to involve local counsel as needed through our group or provide a direct referral depending on our clients' preferences. Often, we will also coordinate with various international consulting firms instead of our clients engaging with them directly in order to maintain the benefits of the attorney-client relationship.

Our Global Reach

Attorneys in our International Employment Practice have handled matters for our clients in all areas of the world, including Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America, the Caribbean Basin, Bermuda, Bahamas, Europe (including EU and Eastern Europe), Russia, the Middle East, Africa, China, Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Japan, Brazil, India, South Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Micronesia and the Pacific Islands.

Articles Authored by Lawyers at this office:

2014 Flu Update, and Oh, Wash Your $%#! Hands!
Howard A. Mavity, December 16, 2013
Almost 4.1 million employees missed work due to illness last January, which was the most since 2008. Even worse, the four-month peak season lasted through March, so the numbers continued to add up. Some years, absences during that four-month period ran at 3.8 million a month, for a whopping total...

New Year's Resolutions: Five Areas Of Focus For 2014
Edward F. Harold, December 09, 2013
The Affordable Care Act has dominated the headlines of employment newsletters (justifiably) for the last six months. It will continue to be an area of focus for all employers. But don’t lose sight of the fact that all the other employment laws remain on the books and continue to pose...

Senate "Misclassification" Bill Bears Watching
John E. Thompson, December 09, 2013
Yet another "misclassification" bill introduced in the U.S. Senate would impose new prohibitions, requirements, and penalties relating to categorizing a worker as being either an employee or a non-employee. The "Payroll Fraud Prevention Act of 2013" (S. 1687) would among other...

State of the Unions: New Tactics Target Unorganized Workers
Matthew R. Korn, December 09, 2013
If you've been following the news, you probably realize that it has been a busy year for organized labor. The percentage of unionized workers in the private sector has fallen to historic lows, leaving unions with fewer dues-paying members, and motivating them to adopt new tactics to stem the...

Want To Be A Leader At Work? Look To Nelson Mandela
Howard A. Mavity, December 09, 2013
After 30 years of seeing the worst of the workplace, I have few heroes left. Today, I lost my JFK or MLK. I’ll remember where I was sitting when I learned that the lion who was Nelson Mandela, had roared his last. I choose to believe that’s how he went out. As a lion of a man.

Deep-Fried Discrimination Claim: Lisa T. Jackson v. Paula Deen, et al.
Craig A. Cowart, December 06, 2013
The whole country watched as celebrity chef Paula Deen was roasted over the lawsuit filed by a former general manager of a Deen-affiliated restaurant. Now that the media storm is starting to fade, what lessons can employers and human resources professionals learn from what happened? Keep reading...

Was It a Good Year or Bad Year? The 2013 Employment Law Year in Review
Richard R. Meneghello, December 06, 2013
It's pretty common each December to take stock and look back at the year that is ending, whether it’s recounting the happy times and counting one’s blessings, or reliving the disappointments and ruing over the regrets (and sometimes a bit of both). The world of employment law is no...

Wash Your *!&# Hands! Employers and the Flu
Howard A. Mavity, December 06, 2013
Almost 4.1 million employees missed work due to illness last January, which was the most since 2008. Even worse, the four-month peak season lasted through March, so the numbers continued to add up. Some years, absences during that four-month period ran at 3.8 million a month, for a whopping total...

When Is A Union Not A Union? When It's a "Worker Center.”
Steven M. Bernstein, December 06, 2013
In recent weeks, the fast-food industry has fallen prey to coordinated demonstrations by a number of loosely affiliated groups, rallying around wages, benefits and other conditions. The strategy invoked by these so-called "worker centers" (or "alt-unions") is not altogether new,...

Globalizing in Hong Kong
Alice Shelor Wang, December 05, 2013
With dynamic soaring towers, elaborate bright lights, and heart warming traditional customs, Hong Kong’s enigmatic economic and business climate serves as a financial capital for all industries, companies, and firms. Indeed, Hong Kong is a pivotal financial center of Greater Asia! As a former...

More Confusion Likely Over California's "Paid Family Leave"
, December 05, 2013
Earlier this year Gov. Brown signed into law an expansion of the state's "paid family leave" benefit. While the new law does not become effective until July 1, 2014, already media outlets have reported that employees will have expanded rights to paid time off from work next year. This is...

Comments by Celia Joseph on November 7, 2013
Alice Shelor Wang, November 29, 2013
With dynamic soaring towers, elaborate bright lights, and heart warming traditional customs, Hong Kong’s enigmatic economic and business climate serves as a financial capital for all industries, companies, and firms. Indeed, Hong Kong is a pivotal financial center of Greater Asia! As a...

Practice Thanksgiving At Work
Howard A. Mavity, November 29, 2013
Although Americans have celebrated some sort of Thanksgiving since 1661, Abraham Lincoln established Thanksgiving as a national holiday by proclamation on November 28, 1861. The Thanksgiving holiday takes on more meaning when one considers that an American people so exhausted by war, nonetheless...

When Is More Leave Not a Reasonable Accommodation?
Howard A. Mavity, November 29, 2013
Cases under the ADA are fact specific. Often it is difficult to find clear cut standards for determining if an employee is qualified to perform the essential functions and if an accommodation is reasonable. In Attiogbe-Tay v. Southeast Rolling Hills LLC, a court concluded that a nurse who returned...

FAQ: What Employers Need To Know About Portland Paid Sick Leave
, November 26, 2013
Beginning January 1, 2014, Portland, Oregon will require most employers to offer paid sick leave to their employees. The following list of Frequently Asked Questions will help employers get up to speed with the ordinance and accompanying administrative regulations.

Hotels, Motels Still Drawing USDOL Attention (Updated 11 21 13)
John E. Thompson, November 25, 2013
One of the U.S. Labor Department's continuing federal Fair Labor Standards Act enforcement initiatives targets hotels and motels. Officials are following-through on their 2010 warning that they see the hospitality industry as presenting a "high risk" for non-compliance.