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Practice/Industry Group Overview

Trucking companies operate in a complex and highly competitive business world within an even more complex and ever-changing legal environment. Each delivery or trip may be subject to dozens of local, state and federal regulations, all of which affect the vehicles, the personnel operating them, the manner of operation and the consequences of non-compliance. Our goal is to enable our clients to obtain all of the counsel and advice they need to keep moving with just one telephone call to our full-service team of transportation lawyers.

When there is an accident, we understand that time is of the essence in getting investigators to the scene. At Goldberg Segalla, our clients are given cards with 24/7 contact information of partners in each of our offices throughout the Northeastern United States, each of whom has 24/7 contact information for photographers and other experts.

A 24/7 Emergency Response Team

The Goldberg Segalla 24/7 Emergency Response Team manages the first response to an accident, including:

  • Developing contacts with the police agencies involved
  • Getting photographers and accident reconstruction experts to the scene
  • Obtaining witness statements before they can be corrupted by the passage of time or the influence of other investigators
  • Securing the client’s vehicle as soon as it is released from police impound
  • Beginning the process of building a defense to a potential claim right away, before skid marks fade, evidence is moved or witnesses cannot be located

When there is a personal injury lawsuit, we offer our clients trial-tested litigators in each of our offices, ready to defend against the liability and damages claims that can result from accidents. We have developed relationships with leading national experts in accident reconstruction, trauma medicine, vocational rehabilitation and other disciplines, which helps us build a successful defense. Our strategic courtroom use of on-board electronic data recording systems, global positioning and other technologies employed by our clients can make the difference in helping a jury understand how an accident developed and occurred. One of our partners utilizes these techniques in his role as Regional Coordinating Counsel for a major trucking company.  In this capacity he is responsible for overseeing and trying the company's catastrophic personal injury cases throughout the eastern United States.

Highly experienced in insurance, employment and real estate issues

At Goldberg Segalla, we have some of the leading insurance coverage attorneys in the country. As a result, our clients have the benefit of our experience and knowledge when there is a question of whether an insurer of a trucking company must provide coverage for a particular vehicle, use or load. Few areas of insurance law are as challenging as the interplay of insuring documents on tractors, the trailers they tow and the loads they carry. Our trucking clients rely on us for informed, up-to-date analysis in this ever-changing area of the law.

When there is an employment issue, our employment law attorneys are available to counsel our trucking clients on termination, background checks, employee benefits law and the defense of wrongful termination claims. To help prevent claims from happening, we offer counsel to employers before adverse action is taken, to structure the action in accordance with all applicable employment laws so claims are less likely to result (or are more likely to be successfully defended when they are asserted). Our workers’ compensation attorneys have successfully represented our trucking clients in defending meritless medical and injury claims, and know the intricacies involved in navigating the Workers’ Compensation Board claims and hearing system.

When our clients own or lease land or equipment for the operation of their fleet we are able to offer them the services of our business law attorneys who are well-versed in sophisticated commercial and realty transactional law.

This full range of services is just one aspect that distinguishes Goldberg Segalla from other law firms. By providing practice groups that match our clients’ business interests, we can help our clients operate properly and profitably.