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Practice/Industry Group Overview

Our team approach to construction law brings together the considerable talents of individuals whose construction law experience spans nearly a century. The GrayRobinson team is one of the largest construction law departments in the state and has litigated hundreds of millions of dollars in construction disputes ranging from simple construction lien disputes to major public works projects throughout Florida.

The work that we handle includes drafting contract documents, bid dispute representation, construction administration, arbitration and litigation involving, among other things, sewage treatment plants; water and stormwater management systems; underground storage tanks; pipeline projects; county buildings; jails; convention/civic centers; courthouses; schools and airports.

Examples of our experience include a case we handled in 1981 on behalf of the Tourist Development Council, which hired the firm to litigate structural failure of massive jumbo steel trusses at the Orange County Civic Center. Our trial team conducted discovery on an enormous scale - producing hundreds of thousands of documents and taking depositions for more than a week each month over the course of 18 months. The remedy to the structural failure cost $2.4 million, and the firm ultimately succeeded in recovering $4.5 million for Orange County.

One of the firm's largest cases to date, in complexity, longevity, and amount of work involved, was associated with the Polk County Courthouse in a variety of claims on behalf of Polk County. For the various claims that arose from the courthouse, the firm recovered a total of $48,000,000 in settlements and trial with the general contractor, sub contractors and suppliers, and at trial against Reliance Insurance Company. The firm was successful in all aspects of the case, which began in 1987, and lasted a decade until 1997, when the last appeal was concluded.

The experience gained in these cases and in others has been put to good use again and again for our private-sector clients who have spanned the construction industry: owners and developers, architectural and engineering firms, contractors and subcontractors, bonding and insurance firms and suppliers and distributors.

Some additional examples of complex construction litigation we have handled:

  • The Orange County landfill case, the largest condemnation jury verdict in Florida history with $4.8 million offered to property owners and $22.1 million awarded.
  • The Martin County courthouse case - one of the largest construction defect/indoor air quality cases of record - in which the county obtained judgments and settlements in excess of $20 million against various design and construction entities on the project except from our clients (structural and electrical engineers). We also forced the county to pay attorney fees to our clients.
  • An indoor air quality case in which the existence of one of our design clients was threatened by claims totaling almost $10 million - a case we resolved for less than $15,000.
  • A series of fire-retardant wood cases involving some 1,000 Orange County homes developed by a client.

A History Of Handling Complex Litigation

We enjoy a unique niche in our ability to handle the most complex of cases. This capability has been developed over the firm's history as well as from a number of multi-million dollar cases we have handled throughout Florida. We have built on that experience and expanded it to all areas of our litigation practice with the addition of several talented and seasoned trial lawyers. We also apply to all areas of litigation the practice concepts that have served us so well in construction issues.

Appellate Practice

Since its inception, the firm has proven itself capable of representing our clients through all levels of the court system including appeals. We have an established appellate practice to offer our capability and experience at the appellate level to attorneys outside of the firm who may need assistance in taking a case to the next level. We offer the attention of a 'boutique firm' specializing in appellate advocacy, while providing clients the resources and knowledge of a large, multi-purpose law firm with practices in virtually every area of civil law.